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Bree is an unrepentant escapist with a predilection for MMOs. When not compulsively proofreading cereal boxes and newspapers, she can be found modding, PvPing on the auction hall, and touring the Next Big Thing with her guild on a quest for the elusive perfect game.

Working As Intended and Ask Mo are her pet op-ed columns, but she also pens Daily Grinds and compiles Massively Overthinking, the Week in Review, and Make My MMO. You can hear her ramble about MMOs every week on the Massively OP podcast. If you're nice, she'll even talk about something other than Star Wars Galaxies.

Personal blog: Skycandy
Twitter: @nbrianna
Favorite MMOs: Star Wars Galaxies, City of Heroes, Lord of the Rings Online, Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2, Ultima Online

The Daily Grind: Is an MMORPG still an MMORPG without gear progression?

A Massively OP commenter recently opined that "without gear progression, is a MOBA not an MMORPG," and I would really love to talk...

Massively Overthinking: Is IP-blocking in online games a necessary evil?

This past week, news about Black Desert's IP blocking has reminded me once again how IP-blocking, region-locking, and the resulting isolated MMO communities are...

Raise your own pet through ArcheAge’s Pawesome Autumn Adoption Festival

Beginning this weekend, you can participate in one of the more unusual MMORPG events we've seen in a while: ArcheAge's Pawesome Autumn Adoption Festival...

Venture capitalists pour $30M into CCP’s VR plans

If you were worried about the health of EVE Online studio CCP after its recent sale of White Wolf and its associated IP, well,...

Blizzard sues alleged bot purveyors for WoW, Diablo III, and HOTS copyright infringement

Back in May, Blizzard's attempts to thwart gold-selling company Bossland GmbH -- perhaps better known to gamers as the unit behind botting group HonorBuddy -- were stymied...

Ask Mo: The absurd advantages of MMO guilds

A Massively OP reader named Ohnix recently sent us a question just perfect for Ask Mo. Let's debate guilds! I play EverQuest II quite a...

WildStar’s Cryo-Plex arena and second arena season are live

WildStar's Arena Season 2: Enter the Cryo-Plex update is officially live today. Headlining the patch is a brand-new PvP arena of the same name,...

Guild Wars 2’s first raid wing launches next week

ArenaNet has just announced that Spirit Vale, the first wing of Guild Wars 2's first post-expansion raid, is launching next week on November 17th....

The Daily Grind: Did BlizzCon make you want to resub to WoW?

It's a running joke among MMO players that BlizzCon is bad for our wallets, not because we overindulge in murloc plushies but because resisting...

Check out the new gameplay trailer for Neverwinter’s Underdark module

Perfect World has just released the official gameplay trailer for Neverwinter's Underdark release. Featuring a brand-new story written by New York Times Bestselling Author R.A....

The Repopulation is ‘in a holding pattern’ thanks to Hero Engine woes

Last week, we reported that The Repopulation had suffered a patch delay as a result of contract and financial renegotiation on the part of Hero...

MMO Week in Review: BlizzCon 2015 (November 8, 2015)

Were you too busy gaming this week to pay attention to MMO news? Get caught up every Sunday evening with Massively Overpowered’s Week in Review! BlizzCon...

Hearthstone’s League of Explorers adventure looks adorable

During the BlizzCon opening ceremonies earlier today, Blizzard revealed a brand-new Hearthstone adventure, and its spunky trailer just about stole the whole show (and...

BlizzCon didn’t forget about Diablo III: Patch 2.4 is on the way ‘very, very, very soon’

Diablo III barely got a nod during BlizzCon's 2015 opening ceremonies, but its panel this evening proved Blizzard has plenty in store for the...

WoW Legion beta begins ‘within weeks,’ launches summer 2016

If you missed the BlizzCon 2015 opening ceremony and the World of Warcraft: Legion overview panel that immediately followed it, you missed some big...

BlizzCon 2015 opening ceremony recap, Warcraft movie trailer

BlizzCon 2015 kicks off with its opening ceremony at 2 p.m. EST (11 a.m. PST) today, and Massively OP liveblogged the festivities down in the...

Activision-Blizzard opens movie and TV studio

On this morning's investor call, Activision-Blizzard announced a new endeavor for the company: its very own movie and TV studio. Activision Blizzard Studios will be...

Black Desert’s North American website and forums launch

Black Desert's English-language website has just gone live. It's a bit bare right now, though Daum is hyping videos from Paris Games Week. The site...

NCsoft names California mobile studio ‘Iron Tiger’

Last spring, NCsoft made known its plans to focus heavily on western investment and iterate on its existing franchises. Those plans included a new...