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Rokh makes the planet Mars come alive

There are so many multiplayer survival games swirling about these days that you might be forgiven for overlooking one or two. We haven't heard...

Shroud of the Avatar is an ally for player-created quests

It should be rather obvious by now that the Shroud of the Avatar dev team is just as focused on involving the community in...

6.4 million people propelled The Division’s beta to a new console record

The Division set a record this weekend for the biggest beta in a new-brand, current-gen console game. Ubisoft told blog readers today that more than...

Beta impressions of Motiga’s MOBA Gigantic

About a week ago, I got an e-mail granting me access to the closed beta test of Motiga's in-development MOBA title, Gigantic. Now, most...

ARPG Grim Dawn is about to emerge from early access

If you've been watching multiplayer action RPG Grim Dawn since it joined the Steam early access program back at the end of 2013 as we...
The important thing is that no one learned anything.

IBM is testing a Sword Art Online VR MMO next month

If you've never watched Sword Art Online, here's the quick version: There's a VR-based MMO that became popular but then trapped everyone inside of...

The MOP Up: PlanetSide 2 gets a promotion (February 21, 2016)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...

Make My MMO: Vampire MMO Shadow’s Kiss is on Patreon (February 20, 2016)

So here's a new one for the Make My MMO crowdfunding column: We have a game that's actually vying for Patreon donations rather than...

World of Akria: The Underground lands on Steam Greenlight

Back in January, Massively OP reader Crow tipped us off to the development of The Underground, a cutesy 2-D MMORPG with a decidedly old-school graphical...

Leaderboard: Are you up in arms over Black Desert’s cash shop?

Since the Black Desert beta opened up, the cash shop has been at the center of a gathering storm. While the game is ostensibly...
It's... Christmas somewhere? That can't be right.

Betawatch: The Division opens up for beta testing (February 19, 2016)

It's that wonderful time again, ladies and gentlemen, when a long-awaited title goes into open beta. The Division has opened up its beta today...

ARK: Survival Evolved’s explorer notes system puts lore front and center

This week, Studio Wildcard revealed what it's calling an "explorer note system" for dinosaur survival sandbox ARK: Survival Evolved. "You’ll be able to discover the stories...

Bless Online is merging its Korean servers

Bless Online is currently attempting to address its somewhat lopsided server situation in Korea, with some shards populated to the point of producing queues...

The Stream Team: Accessing the Atlas Reactor alpha

What are MassivelyOP's Larry and MJ's reactions to Atlas Reactor? You can find out: The duo are jumping into the game's special alpha access...

Survival sandbox The Black Death introduces the peasant’s bleak path

Green Man Loaded's upcoming medieval-themed survival sandbox (plus zombies) The Black Death is on a video roll this week; on offer today is a...

The Division directs the community to open beta challenges

The open beta weekend for The Division is now underway for all three platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players only have a short...
It's like three games for the price of... well, actually, it's two games now.

Massively Overthinking: The Star Citizen money machine

Massively OP reader Ichi has posed us an interesting question. At the end of 2015, a lot of gamers, including some of our own...
Of course, sometimes you get away with a lot without calls of copyright infringement anyway.

Paladins previews Glacier Keep map, Winter Wonderland patch

If you live in wintry climes, then this week's Paladins trailer swoop-through may just make you colder. Hi-Rez's cameras follow character Evie as she zips...

Atlas Reactor hosts its alpha sneak peek week

The Atlas Reactor alpha is speeding along with the occasional squeak, but this week, information need not be leaked. You can just try out...

The Stream Team: Back in another Black Desert closed beta

Last time in Black Desert's CB1, MassivelyOP's MJ tried to race through the extensive character creation (a feat in itself!) in order to have...