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Yes, very historical.

Tree of Savior previews class balance changes and class inspiration

Be honest, did you think that Tree of Savior's class names were just vague nouns (or collections of sounds) that sounded cool? Because if...

Neverwinter: Better dungeon loot and expansion preview

A January 11th patch for Neverwinter might have been one of those updates with little tweaks and fixes that your eyes gloss over, save...
Let's rock this thing.

Final Fantasy XIV releases the preliminary notes for patch 3.5

Players will have to wait until Tuesday to actually experience everything in Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 3.5, but that doesn't mean you can't still...
Shocking no one, you fight the Tzenkethi.

Star Trek Online details the new queues for Season 12

The Tzenkethi are going to be your main foes in Star Trek Online's Season 12, so it only makes sense that the season would...
No, you don't get it, she has no eyes.

WoW Factor: New classes in a post-Legion world

So World of Warcraft patch 7.1.5 is out now... but I'm going to be honest, that doesn't feel like much of anything. It's there,...
It's green, right? We're splitting the difference.

DC Universe Online offers a free skip for players to CR 100

The DC Universe Online anniversary celebration is happening now, and as part of the celebration, you don't need to play DC Universe Online. Not...

Elysium opens up yet another Nostalrius server

The pro-vanilla World of Warcraft community is fond of flinging Blizzard's "you think you do, but you don't" around as a defense for the...

EverQuesting: The loss of Landmark

Daybreak did it again. Boy, that phrase has come to mean a great many different things over the years. However, in this case it...
It's official, I can't tell the difference between this and TERA now.

ArcheAge offers compensation to players for server outages

Who here likes server issues? Sure, they kind of suck while they're happening and prevent you from being able to play the game you...

Line of Defense solidifies engine switch, B2P business model

Derek Smart's Line of Defense is expecting a new public build later this month, this one focused on the next phase of defense mechanics...
This is both awesome and an illustration of what's wrong.

World of Warcraft Q&A covers professions, timewalking, and the Brawler’s Guild

Yesterday, the World of Warcraft Senior Game Designer Paul Kubit sat down to take on a question-and-answer session about this week's Patch 7.1.5 and...

Chronicles of Elyria adds City of Heroes animator to the team

Soulbound Studios has a new year's resolution for Chronicles of Elyria: "kick so much ass." "The next few months will see us preparing a playable...

Here’s how Star Citizen’s alien languages are being constructed from nothing

"Don't waste your time learning Klingon, it ain't no use," Luna sang way back in 1996, but clearly, they had never met Britton Watkins,...
All right!

Nintendo Switch reveals include paid online service, Dragon Quest X MMO

If you somehow missed the Twitter explosion last night, the full Nintendo Switch reveal happened, unloading a ton of details about the company's $300...

The Daily Grind: What’s your biggest MMORPG inventory pet peeve?

I was surfing the Guild Wars 2 Reddit (because I'm a glutton for punishment) yesterday and bumped into a thread mocking some of the...
There was something beautiful and wonderful and it destroyed itself.

Massively Overthinking: Tab-target vs. action combat in MMORPGs

Massively OP patron Duane is kicking the new year off right: with a brawl over combat types in MMOs. "Tab-target, action, or hybrid combat, for...

The Stream Team: DC Universe Online celebrates six years

Six years. For six years Massively OP's MJ has been able to don her Spandex and cape and help rid the streets of Gotham...

Elite: Dangerous updated powerplay in its big patch this week

Elite: Dangerous' 2.2.03 patch rolled out yesterday to players on both PC and Xbox One. While it's primarily a large balancing and tweak patch,...
What even is this game, does anyone know?

VALOFE opens up its Atlantica Online servers

Mind the dust, folks, and enjoy that new server smell. Atlantica Online's new North American servers come online today under the stewardship of VALOFE,...

Ultima Online preps wedding content, suffers two-day Oceania rollback

It's wedding bells for Ultima Online. The classic fantasy MMO is putting together a housing package for its relatively new in-game cash shope that...