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Anarchy Online kicks off anniversary event celebrating one year of its classic server, Rubi-Ka 2019

It was the summer of 2001, dystopian sci-fi was at its apex, and everyone I knew was trying Anarchy Online. And by trying, I...

Massively Overthinking: Which MMORPG do you wish got a glow-up?

No matter how much we love mechanics, even our most cerebral writers and readers still admit to being graphics snobs. It's human: We like...

Find your soulmate in Secret World Legends and Anarchy Online

It's love amid Lovecraftian terror and alien worlds, if Funcom has anything to say about it. Both Secret World Legends and Anarchy Online have...
I am not supporting this lizard-shooting quest.

The Daily Grind: Is there a thing you secretly love in an MMO you hate?

Let's give credit where credit is due: Just because we dislike a game doesn't mean we dislike every last thing in it. Most of...

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite sci-fi MMO?

Generally, but not always, I like to have a science fiction (or science fantasy, if we're being pedantic) MMORPG in my gaming rotation for...

Massively Overthinking: The undeath of the MMORPG genre

Last week, there was a provocative thread on the MMORPG subreddit that subverted the tired idea that the genre is "dead." It's not, u/Selphea...

Tencent wants to buy out the rest of Funcom as board recommends focusing on DUNE

My inbox this morning had half a dozen tips and press releases on this Funcom story, so you know we're doing it first thing:...

Winter events kick off in Anarchy Online and Age of Conan, Conan Exiles launches a holiday contest

It seems like a lot of MMOs and multiplayer games are starting to realize that Christmas is arriving in less than a week. Case...

The Game Archaeologist’s ultimate MMO archives v3.0

Behind history are people and stories, some of them well-known and some of them obscure. It has been my mission in The Game Archaeologist...

Anarchy Online’s progression server raises its level cap, but its future is uncertain

Here's a fun fact for you today: Did you know that Anarchy Online launched prior to the very first Harry Potter movie release? That...

Battle Bards Episode 156: Feeling blue

Is blue a color? An emotion? A song? An overused alien skin tone? One thing is for certain: Blue shows up an awful lot...

The Game Archaeologist: Funcom’s long-abandoned Midgard MMO

There used to be a time that Funcom was deeply into the MMORPG business, bringing us titles such as Anarchy Online, Age of Conan,...

Don’t panic, but Tencent just bought 29% of Funcom

Whether you follow Funcom for its old-school MMORPGs like Anarchy Online and Secret World Legends, its survival sandbox Conan Exiles, or its up coming...

The Daily Grind: When was your ‘MMO birthday?’

We often note birthdays and anniversaries for online games here on Massively OP, but today it's not about the game -- it's about you!...

Funcom is still working on co-op shooter and multiplayer Dune game, according to Q2 2019 financials

Buried under all the WoW Classic news at the end of August was Funcom's second quarter financial report. Let's rectify our oversight with a...
Not this.

The Game Archaeologist: Is it worth the hassle to update graphics in older MMOs?

"I'd play this game again if the graphics were updated." "If they re-released this game with modern graphics, it would be way more popular." "The Game...

Massively Overthinking: Problematic faves in MMOs

A while back, a reader suggested that it was impossible for a fan who loves something to recognize its shortcomings, and I was taken...

Battle Bards Episode 150: The great plains

It may not be the most sexy or exotic of biomes, but plains tend to pop up in pretty much every MMORPG — and...

The Daily Grind: Has a free trial ever convinced you to buy an MMO?

Many years ago when my guild was between home games, we decided to conduct a little experiment to entertain ourselves while we waited for...

The Daily Grind: What are the most nostalgic MMO music tracks for you?

As one of the hosts of Battle Bards and the writer of this site's Jukebox Heroes column, I obviously hold great affection for MMORPG...