arcane waters

Arcane Waters adds the Pine Peaks location, animal breeding, and a guild shipyard

A location named Pine Peaks can probably be easily envisioned. One can likely expect pine trees, for example, or perhaps mountain peaks if not...

A group of Spiral Knights ‘fans’ form an LLC to try to purchase the game and turn it into a blockchain clowncar

Spiral Knights is not a game that pings our radar very often, but it is still trucking along regardless - we last peered in...
So snipe.

Betawatch: Blue Protocol launches in spring 2023 in Japan

Well, after an unusually quiet span of time, Blue Protocol is approaching an actual launch. It's launching in early spring of 2023 in Japan,...

The Stream Team: Taking a fresh dip into the early access of Arcane Waters

The pixely piratical multiplayer RPG Arcane Waters has officially released into early access, and that means it's time for MOP's Chris to see how...

Arcane Waters launches into access launch today – a full day early

"You know how when you're excited for something you wish it would come a day sooner? Us too," the developers of Arcane Waters told...

Arcane Waters sails into a fresh playtest with treasure finding, updates to the perk system, and a new tutorial

It's a new month, a new weekend, and incidentally a new playtest for the pixel-styled pirating MMO Arcane Waters. The game has offered up...

Betawatch: EVE studio seeks testers for another shooter spinoff

CCP Games is forever in a cycle of trying to make fetch happen, huh? The developer is looking for veterans of DUST 514 to...

Arcane Waters enters early access November 15, kicks off a new playtest with a perks system this week

The pixel-y pirating multiplayer playground of Arcane Waters is continuing its steady slide forward in development. The biggest news to come out of the...

The Stream Team: Taking another voyage in the current playtest of Arcane Waters

Last time MOP's Chris streamed Arcane Waters, it was a demo version of the MMO but still packed full of charm and interesting ideas,...

Arcane Waters kicks off a new playtest with tweaks to questing, UI, combat, and loot

Back in June, the 16-bit pirate-themed co-op MMO Arcane Waters offered up a demo, and we were almost immediately charmed by it, so consider...

Pixel pirate co-op Arcane Waters launches a see-worthy demo

Looking for that intersection between absolutely adorable pixel art and cutthroat pirate expeditions? Welcome on board the S.S. Arcane Waters, an upcoming co-op title...

Betawatch: Elyon’s western closed beta has finally begun

Ah, the day finally came! Elyon kicked off its closed beta on this side of the ocean at long last, and as you would kind...

Arcane Waters is the adorable pixel pirate MMO you’ve always needed

You know a title has that something special about it when the Massively OP writers drop what we're doing to crowd around it. That's...