city of heroes

Official Site: City of Heroes
Studio: Paragon Studios/NCsoft
Launch Date: April 27, 2004
Sunset Date: November 30, 2012
Homecoming License Date: January 4, 2024
Genre: Superhero Hybrid Themepark
Business Model: Hybrid F2P (Optional Sub, Cash Shop)
Platform: PC, Mac

Our more specific coverage of the City of Heroes revival is also binned here; you can find the tighter chronology of community rogue server posts right here; regular coverage following the official licensing of the Homecoming servers resumes under the regular City of Heroes tag.

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No, really, what is going on here.

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Remember when you had a fever dream recently that there was another spiritual successor to City of Heroes in the works, only this one...

City of Titans looks at the Five Dragons gang

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City of Titans lays out its ‘huge’ metropolis map

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SWTOR welcomes early access players to Knights of the Eternal Throne

The threat is still looming over the galaxy, but that's just the way that Star Wars: The Old Republic players probably prefer it. After...
It looks much better now.

City of Titans targets a fall 2018 launch

City of Titans fans, we have some really good news for you today! The dev team posted an image on Facebook to announce the...
What can I say except ''you're welcome''

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It looks much better now.

Go. Hunt. Kill Rooks: City of Titans unveils its latest enemy group

Anyone who has played the game that inspired City of Titans knows that they will play with a very straightforward objective: Go. Hunt. Kill......

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