Ship of Heroes asks for early UI feedback

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The UI matters a lot in an MMORPG — at least if you’re going to be staring at it pretty much constantly while you’re playing the game. So what should the Ship of Heroes UI look like? Yes, “like the City of Heroes UI,” the game is already there on that point. But what about colors and positioning? That’s what the developers are asking with the latest dispatch from the development team.

Two different early versions of the UI are available for fans to examine, mostly differentiated with colors for health/resources and the style of the game’s hotbars. Future would-be players are invited to offer feedback on the game’s forums about which version looks better and which one no one should ever want to use, although it’s hard to make many long-term decisions based solely on UI screenshots. You’re supposed to hide the UI before you take screenshots, after all.


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Darrall Williams

I like the universal green health blue power/stamina. The square boxes because they dont look too cartoony. I would add to the city skyline maybe add a wallpaper of buildings it looks small in there. Lastly great job you guys have a kickstart backer in me for sure.

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Paragon Lost

Put the power into the hands of the players when it comes to UI. If that isn’t possible i’ll say I like the square button hotbar better.


I prefer the one with the square-button hotbar. Makes it much clearer to see your skills.

But in regards to the healthbars, I think they should combine the two options:
– Green for Player Health
– Red for Enemy Health
– Yellow for Neutral (non-Hostile) Health
– Blue for Party/Team Health

Pedge Jameson

Ui editor, SWTOR spoiled me on that.

Illumina Blade

Don’t be another company forgetting that people can be colorblind and that there is more than one flavor of it.

Dug From The Earth

I like the green bars better than the red, however I like the square ability hotbar, rather than the circles.

In addition:

1. Give options for different UI color shades. Blue may not be for everyone. Personally, I prefer grey or black for my UI color

2. Remove some of the UI border from the quest tracker. It makes it too bulky. A quest tracker should, at most, have the text for the quests its tracking and a button to minimize it. Having anything more just makes it clutter the screen

3. Make sure you allow scaling of the UI for EACH individual part SEPERATELY. Someone might want their radar bigger, but not anything else, for example.

Otherwise, looking good.


Yes, allow “tinting” of the UI (but not active elements like Skill icons, or Minimap)

I would add a 4th: Make the “menu bar” a dropdown (button) off the Minimap, rather than a space-wasting additional bar.