City of Titans offers up some meaty setting fiction

It looks much better now.

The police in City of Titans have a rough road to walk. They’re dealing with organized crime and the usual thousand vices and harms that a bunch of human beings packed into a single city will produce, of course; that’s normal. But they’re also dealing with superhuman enforcers, supervillains, and criminal syndicates who can literally read your next thought before you make it. The most recent bit of fiction from the team shows just how a simple collar in the city can turn into a superpowered brawl.

As the fiction opens, an officer has the drop on Castilucci, former member of the Black Rose. It’s an open question of who’s going to shoot first… and then it becomes a very different question a few moments later when backup arrives. It’s a quick read, but we don’t want to give away the whole plot here; take a gander to get a look at policing the superhuman from the fictional side.

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