Embracer confirms layoffs of nearly 1400 people were part of efforts to ‘always maximize shareholder value’

It's only mid-February but already we have a lead contender for most vile CEO quote of 2024: Embracer Group's third quarter fiscal report is...

Roblox confirms that it had $150M in Silicon Valley Bank, now shut down by regulators

We would love to be in the kind of position where seeing millions of dollars disappear registers an "everything is fine" response. That looks...
Things could be going better!

Square-Enix’s latest financials show a decrease in sales and profits for the past nine months

The latest financial report for Square-Enix is out for the prior nine months of operation, and it's not a great report for the company....

ROKH’s developers outline the finances of the game and how little money it made

The survival sandbox ROKH suspended development back in July, and fans have questions about why. It's easy to look at the early access title...
Bad taste?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds details a five-year plan for e-sports

Does it fill you with warm, fuzzy feelings to know that there's a nice long-term plan for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to chase that sweet e-sports...

Capcom posts its best financial year ever thanks to Monster Hunter World

It must have been some time ago at Capcom's business strategy meeting where the top executives were sitting around and talking in hushed tones...
Does this word mean something different to you?

LawBreakers is the weak link in Nexon’s Q3 2017 financial results

Here's the good news for Nexon's Q3 2017 investor call: The company had a good set of third-quarter results overall, and it has a...

Funcom celebrates ‘most profitable half-year’ in studio’s history and changes logo

Pop the cork and down some champagne, because Funcom is on a roll. In today's Q2 2017 investors report, the studio crowed that it...

Final Fantasy XIV prepares for the Moonfire Faire and its latest anniversary

It's the waning days of summer, and that means Final Fantasy XIV players are no doubt eagerly looking forward to the latest installment of...
This was a group effort. Not a good one, but still.

Square-Enix financials show steady incoming but slow sales on online gaming

If you're worried about the overall health of Square-Enix, a glance at the company's most recent financials should assuage any concerns, since the past...

Take Two’s latest quarterly financial report shows GTA Online kicking ass

Take-Two's fiscal third quarter 2017 report is good news for folks watching both Grand Theft Auto Online and the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2...

Pokémon Go made $950 million in 2016, but players aren’t walking as much

There's no doubt that last year was phenomenal for Pokémon Go, as the popular app racked up an astounding $950 million in revenue by...

Funcom’s Q2 2016 financials show revenue dip, debt repayment, new titles

Funcom's second quarter financials for 2016 rolled in over the weekend. Of note, revenues are down 36% compared to the same quarter last year...
Ha, launch, like a spaceship. Cute.

Ascent: The Space Game formally launches from early access today

Players of Ascent: The Space Game have no doubt grown accustomed to the game being in early access, along with approximately every other title....

RIFT addresses paywall controversy, explains F2P finances

The recent decision by Trion Worlds to set up what many see as a gear-related paywall in RIFT certainly has cause quite the discussion...
Oh, so many trials.

Pathfinder Online has a new investor interested in taking over the game

Acting CEO Lisa Stevens has good news for Pathfinder Online fans - the game may have found the investors it has been looking for....
The villain in any story isn't really the other.

Funcom’s bondholders unanimously agree to defer Funcom’s debts

Back in October, Funcom asked its bondholders to defer its debts another year, summoning those holders to a meeting to vote on a proposal that...
Fail together!

NCsoft Q3 2015: Guild Wars 2, WildStar, all sales dip downward [Updated]

The bad news for the most recent NCsoft financial report is that once again, profits from WildStar were down slightly from the previous quarter...

SWTOR subscriptions rose by a third after KOTFE’s reveal

EA's financials are looking "great," the company boasted in its latest quarterly report, thanks in part to its sports franchises, Star Wars Battlefront, and...
Every day, sadly.

Funcom is fined by Norwegian authorities

In January of last year, Funcom was subject to a raid by Økokrim, the Norwegian agency responsible for investigating and prosecuting financial crimes. The...