gamescom 2017

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Hearthstone shines a light on Global Games stats

All hail the Czech Republic! C-Z-E-C-H! That spells victory! Blizzard is toasting players from the republic for their performance at the recent Hearthstone Global Games...
Very dynamic.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 133: Gaming Gamescom

Justin and Bree discuss Guild Wars 2, Secret World Legends, LOTRO, sunsets for Ghost in the Shell Online and SkySaga, Closers, ArcheAge 4.0, Star Citizen's Gamescom demo, SWTOR, and WoW Argus, with mailbag questions on Marvel Heroes and MMORPGs as a drug, plus a PAX West preview.

World of Warships yanks lackluster Graf Zeppelin, offers apology and refunds

In its effort to rush a new aircraft carrier to the game in time for this past week's Gamescom, Wargaming might have done World...

Gamescom 2017: Crowfall soars with its cinematic trailer

Noble heroes? More like scavengers in truth. That's the bottom line for player characters in Crowfall, as spelled out in the MMO's Gamescom trailer. In...

Gamescom 2017: Star Citizen demos ‘real-time, player-driven facial animation’

If you skipped out on the Star Citizen Gamescom presentation, you missed out on some pretty good stuff. You also missed out on an...

Gamescom 2017: ARK Survival Evolved’s launch trailer has otters

No more delays: ARK Survival Evolved launches next week on August 29th, and Studio Wildcard brought a trailer to Gamescom to razzle-dazzle the dino-loving audience. It's...
Star Citizen

Gamescom 2017: Star Citizen goes in-depth on the alpha 3.0 delay issues

With the high drama and surly community demanding Star Citizen 3.0 already, it's made for a slightly awkward Gamescom appearance for the crew. On the...

Gamescom 2017: Sea of Thieves enthuses about its crossplay possibilities

Little did most Sea of Thieves Xbox One testers know, but there were turncoats in their midst. With the revelation this week that Rare is...

Gamescom 2017: Star Citizen confirms survival mechanics, rolls out ship profiles

Cloud Imperium has continued its relentless Star Citizen streams from Gamescom all week, causing the usual sideshow drama over whether the 3.0 build on display...

Gamescom 2017: ArcheAge 4.0 ports naval warfare westward this year

Trion is on a roll at a Gamescom this week: It's brought ArcheAge 4.0 to the party. "Slated for release in North America and Europe...

Gamescom 2017: Amazon’s Breakaway trailer and alpha signups

Update: Amazon has apparently removed the trailer following intense criticism. Breakaway has a fresh new trailer out for Gamescom today, along with a run-down of...

Gamescom 2017: Overwatch’s Mei-centric Rise and Shine animated short

Blizzard brought the goods to Gamescom this year, with trailers and announcements for almost every game in its stable, including -- and perhaps especially...

Gamescom 2017: World of Warcraft’s 7.3 Shadows of Argus lands next week

Update: Patch notes are live now too! We've included them below. Here we go, World of Warcraft fans: Blizzard just announced during Gamescom that patch...

Gamescom 2017: Hearthstone’s Hearth and Home animated short

As part of its Gamescom presentation today, Blizzard has just revealed a new "musical animated short" for card battler Hearthstone. It centers on the...
Crew crew crew

Gamescom 2017: The Crew 2 races to release on March 16, 2018

Start planning the next leg of your cross-country vacation now because Ubisoft announced this week at Gamescom that it will be launching The Crew...

Star Citizen brought part of 3.0 to Gamescom

If you're lucky enough to be in Cologne this week for Gamescom, make sure you make your way over to the Star Citizen booth...

Revelation Online preps level cap increase and raid for September, Assassin class for November

Don't assume that just because you're on top of things in Revelation Online, it's going to last that way forever. There's an upheaval planned...

Black Desert shows off 4K console version at Gamescom

It might have gotten buried in this massive list, but Black Desert is one of the MMOs that's slated to receive enhanced treatment by...

Drink in 20 glorious minutes of Blizzard Gamescom previews

While it's no BlizzCon, Gamescom has become an increasingly important platform for Blizzard to share exciting news about its roster of games. And we're...

Destiny 2 to include text chat, promises to treat PC players like ‘first-class citizens’

We are one week away from Destiny 2's open beta test on the PC, and computer players might be growing both excited and anxious...