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Global Chat: Getting sucked into Palia

Cozy life sim Palia is making more converts, even after a rough start. One player who's glowing brightly about the title is The Friendly...

Global Chat: Fresh voices on the MMO blogging circuit

It's August, which means that it's also Blaugust -- an annual celebration of blogging! For this month, experienced bloggers and newbies alike are joining...
Into the exceedingly well known.

Global Chat: Is Wurm Online fatally imploding?

I doubt that anyone would've predicted that in 2023, Wurm Online of all MMOs would be embroiled in controversy, developer walkouts, and predictions of...

Blaugust returns for its 10th year of MMO blogging – here’s how you (yes you) can participate

If you've ever wanted to try your hand at blogging about MMOs but just never got around to it, my friends, Blaugust is your...

Global Chat: Cheering on an online friend’s success in Wrath Classic

We almost need no prompting to eagerly share our latest accomplishments and milestones in MMORPGs. And while it certainly is fun to talk about...

Wayfinder is tweaking everything from chat to progression ahead of summer early access

As we wait for more info on Wayfinder's early access release, Airship Syndicate is filling the days explaining just what it learned from the...

Global Chat: Are you pumped up for Path of Exile 2?

Online ARPG enthusiasts are no doubt keeping an eye on the long-in-the-coming Path of Exile 2 -- and crossing their fingers that it ends...

Diablo IV plans 13-page patch while players advocate for missing features

With some of the launch week insanity already dying down in Diablo IV, the dev team took time to sit down for a "campfire...

Global Chat: MMO players’ reactions to Diablo IV’s launch and SWTOR’s studio move

As the online community once again gets swept up into the hellscape of Diablo, there are no shortages of opinions about the quality of...

Global Chat: How insistent are MMOs that you group up?

In a recent essay over at Inventory Full, the author looks back at a couple decades-plus of MMO gaming to recall how fast and...

Global Chat: How do you play older MMOs?

It's always a challenge -- sometimes an insurmountable one -- when you jump into older MMORPGs after being conditioned by modern experiences. To help...

Global Chat: Black Desert is the MMO sandbox to beat

Those who wrote off or skipped by Black Desert on the way to other MMOs may be missing one of the best sandboxes on...

Global Chat: Do MMOs need help from artificial intelligence?

With tech news becoming more and more dominated by the sophistication and place of artificial intelligence, blogger Tobold asks if AI might be the...

Global Chat: Diablo IV is an MMO, change my mind

Besides melting GPUs, ejecting colors into the sun, and being more grim than your unapproving Aunt Kelka, Diablo IV's becoming known for actually being...

Global Chat: Are we gaming in the ‘Age of Diablo?’

With Diablo II's remake on the market, Diablo III's continuing seasons, Diablo Immortal's patches, and Diablo IV on the way this summer, it's not...
Yes, I prepared.

Global Chat: How has Russia’s invasion of Ukraine impacted EVE Online?

While the effects of real-world events on video games certainly isn't as important as the lives, livelihoods, and freedoms of actual people, it is...

Global Chat: Where does WoW Classic go from here?

As Wrath Classic gets closer to its preordained expiration date, Priest with a Cause is asking a question that a lot of people are:...

Choose My Adventure: Global Agenda provides a classic MMO ass-beating

I'll be one of the first to admit that in spite of my desire to get into a shooter MMO/multiplayer game this month, I'm...

Global Chat: The seductive appeal of New World

Over a year since its launch, New World remains as rocky and controversial as ever. And while it has its critics, Amazon's MMO also...

Global Chat: Is Dragonflight living up to expectations?

While first impressions are all well and good, the mark of a solid MMO release is whether or not it can sustain interest and...