Global Chat: Coming around on WoW Classic’s hardcore mode

Cutty time

With World of Warcraft Hardcore Classic out for a month now, it’s continuing to show no quarter while it captures the interest of prior doubters. We may consider The Ancient Gaming Noob as one of these dubious souls who’s since come around on the tension and fun of this mode.

“Add in the flip side of Deathlog, that in addition to the comedy aspect of it, it is also a constant reminder than characters are dying all over the place all the time, and it definitely sets a mood.”


The Nosy Gamer posted answers to a recent FFXIV survey: “I usually don’t display minions. But when I do, it’s usually the magic broom to clean up my area while crafting. I don’t want to leave a mess.”

Heartless Gamer is pretty psyched for mounts in New World: “Speaking of The Witcher, the infamous ‘roof horse’ is also a prevalent meme in the New World PTR. This indicates there is some good movement capability with mounts to navigate them in tough terrain such as the roof of a building.”

Inventory Full returned to EverQuest II for its latest patch: “Fractured Skies is a classic EQII expansion prequel event but for my money it’s a pretty decent one. They almost always follow the same pattern: Your character gets a letter asking them to go see someone, somewhere about something.”

Tales of the Aggronaut thinks we should stop personifying game studios: “I also brought with me the emotional baggage of having grown up idolizing Blizzard as a studio. So when I played the game, and it felt bad… it was very hard for me to reign in my disappointment and keep myself from turning into a rabid poo-flinging monkey.”

Contains Moderate Peril thinks it would be dangerous if we could disappear players from games: “I think in the long term and when considered as part of a wider perspective, this could be a very troubling option. Segregation, be it voluntary or involuntary, has consequences. Blocking other players is more than just visually removing them from a game. It is making a statement.”

Virtual Bastion ventured out into Baldur’s Gate 3: “I have nonetheless had a lot of fun so far, and I’ve already found myself feeling really impressed several times during these opening hours. If the game can keep it up, I could definitely see Baldur’s Gate 3 being ‘Game of the Year’ material.”

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