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Global Chat: Crafting is just the worst, Britta!

Advance warning: If you like crafting in MMOs, then you best not read the latest post from Contains Moderate Peril, who is not...
Full of sound and fury. Sadly.

Global Chat: Remembering the MMO fallen

A discussion chain has been rippling across the MMO blogosphere as of late, with writers reminiscing about online games that have lived and died...

Global Chat: EverQuest II’s 15 years of being in WoW’s shadow

For just a few short weeks of its now 15-year lifespan, EverQuest II existed apart from a launched World of Warcraft. Then late November...

Ship of Heroes’ character creator beta is running a scavenger hunt event tonight

Ship of Heroes is making the most of its one-week character creator alpha, with multiple events and patches to keep everything humming. "We...

Global Chat: Fallout Last

Bethesda's busy digging another grave for Fallout 76, this time by saddling the troubled online title with a problematic subscription service that is...

Perfect Ten: What I learned about ArcheAge Unchained as a complete newbie

As I was going through my first evening in ArcheAge Unchained, thanks to the new buy-to-play release, I was kicking myself for going...

Global Chat: Starting over in ArcheAge

The (re)launch of ArcheAge Unchained is of significant interest to certain parties who are hoping that this "do over" finally will propel this...

Global Chat: One MMO gamer is trying to finish Fallen Earth before it’s gone

When you know that your beloved MMORPG is about to be shut down, what do you do? If you're the blog 24 Hours...

Global Chat: The Hearthstone Hong Kongstraversy

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to the controversy swirling about Blizzard's heavy-handed censorship of a Hearthstone professional gamer and his statements...

Global Chat: Diving deep into Project Gorgon

While you're over there playing the same-old, same-old MMO, do you know who is having a spectacular time discovering one of the most original...

Global Chat: Fallen Earth, Asheron’s Call, Albion Online, and Project Gorgon

Is it ever too late to take a look back at old MMORPGs -- even ones that have passed away? Not when there are...
Very mature.

Global Chat: WoW Classic impressions mega-compilation

When World of Warcraft launches, the world stops to pay attention. The recent release of WoW Classic didn't just pull in hundreds of...
Oh, this... keeps my feelings where they were before, really.

Global Chat: MMO roleplaying explained for the rest of us

Game designer Brian Green has been on a writing streak as of late with a whole series of blog posts about roleplaying in...
Somebody pull.

Global Chat: What would World of Warcraft 2 look like?

It's a pretty common exercise in our circles to speculate on what a sequel to World of Warcraft would look like. Oh,...

Global Chat: Ranking World of Warcraft’s expansions

Have you ever tried your hand at ranking all of World of Warcraft's expansions from worst to best? Sure you have, because everyone's done...

MMO Cartographer: Riders of Icarus is a very tame MMORPG

I have a few vices, and one of them is a mild to moderate obsession with game pets and mounts. I am pretty sure...

Global Chat: Sucked into Shadowbringers

It's hard to deny the fact that this July, half of the online gaming population seems to be immersed into FFXIV's Shadowbringers expansion....

Global Chat: Stressing about WoW Classic’s community

Late June's World of Warcraft Classic stress test gave many MMO bloggers plenty to talk about, with pros and cons being lobbied about...
Call the WAAAAAMbulance.

Global Chat: Daybreak is a zombie, walking

What can call an MMO blogger out of retirement? A game studio putting in below the bare minimum of effort in its updates seems...

Global Chat: The NecroKitties of Elsweyr

Raise your hand if you're playing Elder Scrolls Online's newest expansion this week! Elsweyr has drawn many back in to Tamriel with the...