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Global Chat: Just say ‘no’ to coin weight!

When Pantheon recently announced that it would be adding coin weight to its inventory management system, little did the devs know that they were...

Global Chat: Suffering through Guild Wars 2’s Super Adventure Box

Guild Wars 2 fans have developed a cult following around the seasonal Super Adventure Box, but as much as some love it, others have...
I'm an excellent fighter.

Global Chat: The problem with being bad in MMOs

Have you ever felt weirdly reluctant to go the full "dark side" in a video game that offers morality meters? MMO blogger Yeebo Fernbottom...

Global Chat: That moment when you realize you chose the wrong MMO class

Have you ever gotten deep into a character's journey in an MMO -- and gradually realized that you'd picked the wrong class for you...

The Daily Grind: How have pandemic responses affected your MMO socializing?

Last week, my kids and I were playing Trove when I realized that global chat was absolutely filled with blabbering about the virus. It's...

Global Chat: Becoming a bear in Wizard101

You've created characters to play in MMOs, but have you ever actually wanted to be a permanent part of one? Tom Purdue over at...

Global Chat: High adventure in Dungeons and Dragons Online

If there was ever an MMO that was made for parties to adventure together, it is Dungeons and Dragons Online. Telwyn over at GamingSF...

Global Chat: Is Animal Crossing New Horizons an MMO?

One trend that we have noticed over the past decade or so is the blurring of lines between "regular" video games and MMORPGs. It...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 264: Don’t feel blue, MapleStory 2

Justin, Bree, Eliot, and Chris discuss the pandemic's positive impact on gaming, MapleStory 2, Guild Wars 2, EverQuest, and Warhammer Online, with adventures in Animal Crossing, Star Trek Online, GW2, SWG Legends, Dauntless, and FFXIV, and an epic lightning round mailbag.

MMO blogging community fights quarantine boredom with ‘Blapril 2020’ project

With so many MMO gamers and bloggers stuck at home this month, any distraction from real-world doldrums is both welcome and needed. To address...

Global Chat: Don’t mess with my GeForce Now

The titanic struggle going on right now between cloud-based game streaming platform GeForce Now and studios who are pulling their titles from it is...
That's Trek for you.

Cryptic is killing off cross-game chat in Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, and Champions Online

One of the best features of Cryptic's MMOs over the years was the fact that players could communicate cross-game in a unique multi-server global...

Global Chat: Neverwinter is ‘damn good fun’

You know what's an interesting trend among MMO bloggers lately? It seems that many of them are heading back to Neverwinter -- and enjoying...

Global Chat: How fares WoW Classic at the six-month mark?

The phases (i.e., patches) for World of Warcraft Classic continue to roll out, and as the endgame takes form and Darkmoon Faire arrives, it's...

Global Chat: Do you binge-play MMOs?

With TV streaming services that dump entire seasons of shows on us at once, we have become a society that is used to binging...
Multi-digit division.

Global Chat: Why player representation in games matters

The recent flap over Escape from Tarkov's public pronouncement of "no icky girls" (my paraphrase) as playable characters in its game elicited more than...

Inferna adds a new dungeon, balances combat, promises 2020 roadmap

So what's new with the early access MMORPG Inferna, whose early access path we've been chronicling since November? Well, there's an update that kicked...
Not so close.

Global Chat: How fast should combat be in MMOs?

The speed of combat engagements in MMORPGs -- as rare as they may be -- was the topic du jour on a couple of...

Global Chat: The best action RPGs ever

Have you found yourself with some extra time this holiday season and not enough things to click, loot, and wear? Sounds like you need...

Global Chat: Is WoW Classic a mixed blessing?

Now that World of Warcraft Classic has been out for a few months and established itself, what's the verdict? Telwyn over at GamingSF said...