Pantheon Rise of the Fallen discusses development plans for the first portion of 2023

Rise of the TREE more like.

It’s a new year and a new lineup of work for the developers of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen, which is the primary focus not only of the studio but the game’s most recent developer livestream, where several lead devs drilled down on some of the priorities and primary goals for the team in the first quarter of this year.

One of the first foci talked about is the more MMORPG-specific aspects of networking, including creating seamless zones, improving the game’s persistence, and laying the foundation for social systems like guilds, cross-zone communication like global chat, and a group finding system that is clarified as “a robust way of finding various people” as opposed to an automatic LFG tool.

The devs further run down additional plans such as building out the Silent Plains area, continuing to improve gathering to make it more dynamic and engaging, building zones and linking their different biomes together in a seamless manner, and further fleshing out character models and animations.

Ultimately, the devs believe they’re now more ready to begin building out significant portions of the world and its content. It should be noted that none of these plans have any hard dates beyond the aforementioned Q1 window, but you can listen to the team talk about its aspirations in the video below.

source: YouTube
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