WRUP: My best jokes that our editor-in-chief said I was not allowed to make this week

This might be employed.
  • I was informed that there was no circumstance wherein a joke about the proper care of sufferers of Hansen’s disease was appropriate, much less one that had such an ambiguous stance and tried to tie it into French nobility.
  • Not only was I not allowed to write the game’s title as “Fartnite” but I was also not allowed to devote the paragraph to being entirely about what if we farted in the dressing room but we were both guys. Ha ha, just kidding! Unless…
  • I was not allowed to cut off a paragraph partway through a sentence with absolutely no
  • My three-part “Weasel Escape” scavenger hunt was refused, and when she said that we could use it for April 1st she didn’t understand why the joke wouldn’t work at all then. I mean, how can I work under these conditions? What am I doing here if not trying to advance the field of unexpected Dadaist comedy?
  • When I asked her that she got really quiet and said, “You’re a journalist. This is an MMO journalism job. You do understand what that is, right?” I asked if she meant like World of Snurcrupft.
  • She asked me if I meant World of Warcraft and I said that was what I said. Then she asked me to hold out both of my arms in front of me and got really freaked out when one kept drifting down.
  • I was informed that I could not use my unexpected stroke as a reason to call the president of the Internet and prevent anyone from saying mean things about What Are You Playing.
  • Lastly, the pharmacist joke. Wait, that wasn’t Bree. You don’t deserve the pharmacist joke.
  • Le bup.

Bonus question: What’s the new job that you’ve felt the most nervous before starting?

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): I’ll be doing a mix of my usual exercise games, but also I’ll be in Pokemon Violet helping people with the Cinderace event and maybe a bit of Splatoon 3 as I did some major spending and need cash/chunks.

Probably my last full-time gig, as it was outside my field and I realized pretty fast that it wasn’t the job it was advertised as.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): Lord of the Rings Online is my home right now – I’ve been mucking around with alts, making my way through Gondor, and catching up my crafting.

This job! By a lot!

Chris Neal (@wolfyseyes, blog): My entire existence has been Vampire Survivors, so I think an MMO gaming break is called for; there are raid fights to learn and island levels to earn in Final Fantasy XIV, a Path of Fire to walk in Guild Wars 2, and a fleet carrier to help keep operational in Elite: Dangerous… right after one more Vampire Survivors run. For real this time.

Beginning my writing career was easily the most stressful start, honestly. I still don’t know I deserve this work sometimes, but I will always be grateful for it and to those who read my stuff!

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): I’ve still got patch stuff to catch up on in Final Fantasy XIV, so that will take up a fair chunk of my time this weekend. Beyond that, I think I’ll mostly be working through some Christmas gift games I haven’t touched yet… and setting up my desk and workspace a bit more.

Honestly, a lot of jobs have made me nervous. I start another new one next week and I’m intensely nervous about living up to the expectations invested in me… even though I maybe shouldn’t be. It’s the sort of job I’m grateful to be doing, though.

Mia DeSanzo (@neschria): This is the weekend between my birthday and my husband’s birthday, so it will probably be taken up with festivities.

I had job straight out of college that I was very nervous about because it was a good civil service job. A bonafide grown-up job! (I was already 45 years old, but I had mostly worked retail and food service up to that point.) After a couple of months I realized the 1.5 hour commute (each way!) and the policies I had to follow/enforce were not for me.

Sam Kash (@thesamkash): I’m taking a crack at HEROish on Steam. It’s a port of a mobile game. It doesn’t seem like it’s blowing me away but it is a pretty fun little game. I’m also running my GW2 festival dailies like usual.

Bonus: My first job out of school definitely had me nervous. Pretending to be a professional after sitting on my butt for a year because I was evidently unhireable was terrifying.

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