Global Chat: Turkeys terrorize New World

It makes sense, given the context.

While y’all eat turkeys this week, in New World, the turkeys terrorize you! Heartless Gamer navigated the gobble massacre in excruciating detail.

“Over all the event is lightweight and fun. The Turkulon fight seems either bugged or it is undertuned (i.e., it’s easy). Players who want the rewards will be able to get them and still enjoy other parts of the game. Another great event in the bag for New World!”

Nerdy Bookahs took a look at Kingdoms of Amalur, the CRPG that was supposed to feed into Project Copernicus: “Something about the world and the characters just makes me want to continue playing. If I didn’t already have it, I would have gotten this month’s Humble Choice just for this game.”

Virtual Bastion created three new FFXIV alts at once: “This realization set off a little light bulb: Three different introductions meant that I needed three different characters to see through each. Or, at least that’s what my brain thought.”

No, we already made the Cats joke.

Kalyriene is optimistic about FFXIV’s Update 6.3: “I liked the new dungeon look, and it set my imagination ablaze. There’s not much to go on, but the small bit of architecture we can see has a distinct Ancients/Amaurot/Elpis vibe to it, which is… interesting.”

The Ancient Gaming Noob is finding more to do in Burning Crusade Classic thanks to crafting: “So there was stuff left for us to do there.  While the Wrath pre-patch reduced some barriers and we got an XP boost to help us along, that did really apply to crafting.  Ula was still stuck in the middle of the curve for enchanting for Outland and on her list of things to acquire were eight large pristine shards, necessary for advancement.”

This Week in Aurebesh is psyched about SWTOR’s December update: “I’m very happy to have some new story content to play. SWTORs storylines of late seem to have flown off in several different directions with characters and arcs seemingly unconnected to the others, but it looks like things are coming together and hopefully coming to a head.”

MMO Folklorist is zooming around a small Star Wars Galaxies rogue server: “The mantra on Sunrunner II is to take the early, pre-CU version of Star Wars Galaxies and build upon it in the way that was originally intended before corporate pressures and critical lambasting from the mainstream games media (as well as, let’s be honest, a contingent of the playerbase) caused the trajectory of the game to shift radically.”

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