Global Chat: Where does WoW Classic go from here?


As Wrath Classic gets closer to its preordained expiration date, Priest with a Cause is asking a question that a lot of people are: What’s going to happen next for WoW Classic? Where is Blizzard taking it from here? This post isn’t so sure that it will be Cataclysm after all.

“So… I’m honestly not sure about this one myself. At first it seemed like a given, but seeing a lot of the negative reactions around it and with Blizzard currently in desperately-trying-to-please-the-people mode, I’m not 100% sure they’ll actually want to be that controversial.”

Words Under My Name is deep into the Destiny 2 grind: “When I’ve not been working, or writing, or making dinner, I’ve been grinding out weapon patterns. I see them in my sleep, I have the Rituals down to a fine science at this point, I know exactly how many runs of which Ritual it will take me to get the energy I need to make a weapon. It isn’t even difficult, it’s just tedious.”

Kaylriene wonders what’s in store for WoW’s crafting scene: “So now, nearly three months into the expansion, my perspective has shifted a smidge on crafting in Dragonflight, and with it comes some excitement, some new issues, and a genuine sense of excitement and also dread for what can come next for crafting in World of Warcraft.”

Mailvatar returned to Black Desert for better or for worse: “I can’t count how often I’ve arrived at a grindspot only to find the mobs lying dead on the ground, sending the unmistakable signal that someone’s already there. What’s worse, if that player sees you they will, more often than not, take the time to stop their killing for a couple of seconds, come to a halt near you and write a single word in local chat: ‘taken.'”

MMO Folklorist has a few words of advice when your MMO shuts down: “As somebody who waved the banner for Star Wars Galaxies, take it from me: It’s about the journey, not the destination. Treasure the time you spent in the game and just move on. It isn’t worth dwelling on, especially when there are so many other potential favourites on the horizon.”

The Ancient Gaming Noob looks at the challenges that come with approaching mature MMOs: “I was thinking more about the barrier that change and progression and expansions and the long term effects of an economy of endless faucets does to a game over time.”

Tales from the Aggronaut is getting into action RPGs these days: “I am easing back into Guild Wars 2 by spending some time doing the world boss train. I think ultimately however I will pick up and start working on the main/expansion stories with my Ranger. I am not sure what shifted mentally but I just started enjoying running around with my Ranger a bit more than I did my Necromancer.”

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