The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the best player community as of 2022?


Here’s the thing about MMO community: There exists no perfect one. Every single one of them has bad elements. Some of them are out in the open in-game, while some of them are lurking around the edges, in toxic guilds, on forums or subreddits. So when we debate “best” player community, we really mean only that. Even the best has room for improvements.

I said last year that I’m a partisan for Lord of the Rings Online’s community, and I certainly am, but there are also times when its blind support for SSG grates on my nerves (and just imagine the conversations in global chat this year about Amazon’s Rings of Power… it wasn’t pretty). Nevertheless, it’s still the coziest to me.

Which MMO do you think has the best player community as of 2022?

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