Global Chat: The seductive appeal of New World


Over a year since its launch, New World remains as rocky and controversial as ever. And while it has its critics, Amazon’s MMO also is making plenty of converts… such as Nerdy Bookahs, who’s finding the game appealing for a variety of reasons.

“It’s giving me this feeling of exploring, figuring out the world, following nothing but my own nose – until I hit a higher level area, of course, and need to retreat quickly. It’s something I haven’t had since Guild Wars 2, I think… speaking of fresh MMOs, that is, where you really don’t know your way around yet!”

Priest With a Cause investigated the claims that WoW Classic is on the rise: “It’s an exciting time to be a Classic era enthusiast for sure. Mind you, I don’t think the game is in any danger of becoming the next big thing. With no more content progression it will remain niche, and to be honest the videos I linked above are hardly the greatest promotion for it either.”

Virtual Bastion hates too much hand-holding in tutorials: “There’s a certain pet peeve I have when it comes to games, one that has been coming up more and more as the years go on: over-tutorializing. I don’t know what exactly developers think of us, but they must not think very much considering their absolute refusal to just let us play their games.”

Here we go again.

Tales of the Aggronaut looked at his most-anticipated releases for 2023: “We got an updated trailer for Nightingale at The Game Awards, and it gives me hope that maybe we will see it this year. This is probably the title that I consider to be the most likely to slide to 2024 however given that we’ve not really seen anything resembling public testing.”

The Nosy Gamer managed to snag a cottage in FFXIV: “That’s right, for all the complaining done about the lack of housing in FFXIV, my bid was uncontested. From the list I saw, The Goblet even had medium plots of land no one or only one person bid on. Of course, that is The Goblet. My first plot was in The Goblet. I much prefer Lavender Beds, the Gridania residential area.”

Words Under My Name petted a certain robot dog in Destiny 2: “However, at the beginning you’ll see a peculiar set of… paw prints? That’s odd. Follow the prints, follow the white lights, and eventually you’ll come across something incredible. Something that the battle with platforming and turrets makes all the more worth it.”

In An Age is tearing through a Guild Wars 2 checklist: “It’s seductively easy to log in, collect some easy rewards on each of the characters, and then log off. But before then, oh hey, this meta event is going on, let me just get those rewards. And now I just have an hour left to play “real” games. It’s a rough life, I know.”

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