Global Chat: Getting sucked into Palia


Cozy life sim Palia is making more converts, even after a rough start. One player who’s glowing brightly about the title is The Friendly Necromancer, who is engaging with the title even though you can’t raise a single skeleton in it.

“I played a lot of Palia. Like… a lot. Typically my Saturdays are super busy and my family is running me around everywhere to do everything. Not today, friends. Not today. Today was spent running around in Palia, and it was great! I finally felt like I got a ton accomplished in-game.”

SparkoMarcoGaming is giving EVE Online another shot: “Overall, it was a decent introduction to the game and its much better than it was when I first started 13 years ago and its also better than a lot of other MMOs I’ve played. EVE always had a steep learning curve, and it feels like this has smoothed it out a little bit at the start but I know there is a big steep cliff face to scale sooner or later.”

Taking Mage delivered a few first impressions of Waven, saying, “I’m having mixed feelings about it. I think there is a great game, here, but it’s going to need some love during early access to get it to where it needs to be.”

The Last Chapter Gaming Blog logged back into Secret World: “In the original version of the game, I had only made it as far as Innsmouth. In the revised version, my character is level 15, and still working the mean streets of Kingsmouth. When last I played, my character was investigating the trunk of a car with a laptop in it. And there she still was when I brought her back.”

Inventory Full has a few thoughts on Palia to share: “Playing a game that feels like My Time At Portia, into which I put more than seventy hours, but playing it in a persistent and public arena rather than in private ought to feel both more significant and more satisfying. At the moment it doesn’t, quite. Quite the opposite, in fact.”

GamerLadyP gushed about great MMO communities: “Game communities and guilds are the reason I’ve kept playing MMOs. Group content and raiding have held my interest in some games well beyond the point where the content in the game was no longer engaging by itself.”

Mailvatar doesn’t like punishing game design in MMOs: “The bigger problem by far though is that I, as a casual player, won’t even be able to find groups for the current endgame stuff – not because there aren’t any, but because nobody will want to have me in their group. Gatekeeping is what it’s called nowadays, but this is far from the first time I’m confronted with that kind of player behaviour.”

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