going rogue

An expansion for the now-sunsetted City of Heroes.

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We almost need no prompting to eagerly share our latest accomplishments and milestones in MMORPGs. And while it certainly is fun to talk about...

Perfect Ten: Worst MMO expansion names of all time

Back when Daybreak announced that EverQuest's 19th expansion would be titled Rain of Fear, I instantly found myself tripping over the name. I shouldn't...

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Is your mind whirling with all of the things to do with Lord of the Rings Online's new Midsummer Festival and the associated wedding...

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Do you ever live in fear that the development team behind your favorite MMORPG might screw things up in the name of progress and...

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As we approach the first anniversary of City of Heroes' revival on the rogue server circuit, I wanted to take this opportunity to share...

Choose My Adventure: I may have fallen out of love with City of Heroes

I have to admit something, to everyone reading this and to myself. I’m not sure I missed City of Heroes as much as I...

Choose My Adventure: Help, the Going Rogue story of City of Heroes has a hold of me

The thing about being a superhero that almost nobody tells you is that there are personal stories involved. Sure, the big picture is what...

Choose My Adventure: Breaking through the obstacles of Going Rogue in City of Heroes

"Traveling the realms is no task for the meek. The underprepared. The easily overwhelmed. The challenges you face and the hardships you have to...

Choose My Adventure: The ‘hard mode’ of City of Heroes in Going Rogue

Disaster! Our plucky Praetorian has plunged into a pit of perilous despair! The challenges of this bold new world are mounting, and the pint-sized...
Would you like to see something unsettling?

WoW Factor: What would a factionless World of Warcraft look like?

You know, part of me honestly figured that the speculation around World of Warcraft abandoning the faction split would have died out months ago...

Choose My Adventure: Behold! The MOP Hunter-Killer arrives to the City of Heroes

A new automaton of outrageous and awesome ability has arrived! This pint-sized power plant bears skills never seen by human eyes! A far-flung futuristic...

Hyperspace Beacon: Thoughts on SWTOR’s Dantooine Incursion update

Tuesday, Star Wars: The Old Republic released a new event update called the Dantooine Incursion. I played through the questlines on the PTS, then...

Massively Overthinking: Super wrong snap judgments of MMORPGs

The year was 2004, and the month was May. My guild was growing increasingly frustrated with Star Wars Galaxies' slow development pace, so we...

Into the Super-verse: Taking a closer look at City of Heroes’ Paragon Chat

Welcome to Massively OP's brand-new column covering superhero MMORPGs -- past, present, and future! One might even say it's a continuation of our past...
I'm not back on any BS, I never left it.

Perfect Ten: Ten MMO systems that encourage alts

Here's how much I like having alts: I have alts in Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI. Two games which are built on...
I'm definitely an elf!

Perfect Ten: My favorite MMORPG names

Stuff in MMOs has names. That's... like, a defining feature. We all know that. These games have titles, and they have expansions, and they...

The Game Archaeologist: City of Villains, enhancement diversification, and Going Rogue

It's always easy to look back at the making of City of Heroes and its first year with a memory tinted toward the good...

Perfect Ten: The best expansions for specific MMOs

Looking over the past two decades or so, MMORPGs have grown by leaps and bounds with regular releases, events, and (of course) expansion packs....

The Division’s Patch 1.8 is coming this week with free game modes and map expansion

The Division's long post-apocalyptic winter isn't over, not by a long shot. This week, Update 1.8 arrives to bring a whole bunch of free...

Jukebox Heroes: Massively OP’s guide to grabbing 120+ MMO soundtracks

One of the most common questions that I'm asked from my adoring throngs on the street is, "Justin, where oh where can I get...