lord british

Richard Garriott‘s avatar during and after the Ultima series, including Ultima Online.

Huh. That... huh.

Shroud of the Avatar hosts a livestream about fishing in fetid water

If you want to watch a community livestream about Shroud of the Avatar's community team hosting a fishing contest in fetid water, gosh,...
My expectations weren't that I would be jumping into this right away, but...

The Soapbox: No, the MMO genre is not dead – but it could use a little positivity

One of my favorite idioms is "dead as a doornail." It always reminds me of the time I got sent out of my 10th...

Massively Overthinking: Morality and compelling choices in MMOs

The most recent episode of The Psychology of Video Games podcast touches on a subject we don't tackle very much: moral choices. It's...

Shroud of the Avatar’s R67 has begun testing on the QA server

Fans of Shroud of the Avatar will soon be able to hide cloaks and keep their doors fully open among a variety of...

The Daily Grind: What does Destiny 2 still need before you’ll call it an MMO?

With Destiny 2 back in the news thanks to its free-to-play relaunch, Stadia platforming, and new expansion, online gamers have once again...

Shroud of the Avatar addresses CEO confusion, playerbase ‘re-engagement campaign’

Remember back in the fall of 2018, when there was a flurry of speculation over Shroud of the Avatar as Portalarium's Richard...

Shroud of the Avatar’s upcoming patch will let you be the mother of dragons

OK, we'll just admit outright that the above headline is a little misleading. But since everyone and their uncle is making Games of Throne...

R64 springs into Shroud of the Avatar with city buffs, player dungeon changes, and killer bunnies

Developers of Shroud of the Avatar are still working hard on the Top-10 priorities they mentioned in the Q1 update schedule. Today,...

Perfect Ten: MMOs that set themselves up as spiritual successors

As with the larger video game market, sequels aren't unknown in the MMO space. We've seen studios take a stab at following up successful...

Shroud of the Avatar studio Portalarium temporarily closes office in favor of remote studio

It sounds as if Shroud of the Avatar studio Portalarium has uprooted its home office. "We are nomadic now," Portalarium's Starr Long told players...

Perfect Ten: Hit franchises that were almost made into MMORPGs

For my money, there are few more tantalizing and agonizing thoughts than the great "What Ifs?" of the MMO genre. What if one title...

The Game Archaeologist: Dungeon Runners

Where do you rest on the spectrum of humor? If you find yourself giggling and snorting at dumb jokes, groan-worthy puns, and satire so...
mmm whatchu saaaaay

Perfect Ten: The MMOs with the most uncertain futures in 2019

Working in this field has given me something of a sense of how a lot of the industry is going to play out. Take...

Shroud of the Avatar plans a hefty cash shop overhaul, includes $6999 package to support episode 2

Shroud of the Avatar's business model is apparently getting a bit of an overhaul. As the game's latest newsletter explains, Portalarium is changing...

Make My MMO: The biggest MMO crowdfunding news of 2018

Welcome to a special edition of Make My MMO, Massively OP's regular recap of what's going on in crowdfunded MMOs, which we do...
All according to keikaku or something

Lord British (aka Richard Garriott) is now working as a telecommuting Robo-British

Richard Garriott, also known as Lord British, also known as the man behind Shroud of the Avatar and the Ultima franchise, has been upgraded to Robo-British....
This was once controversial!

The Game Archaeologist’s ultimate MMO archives v2.0

While The Game Archaeologist columns take up the most time of any project I do here at Massively OP, I absolutely love doing...

Shroud of the Avatar’s Richard Garriott sheds CEO title for Creative Director role

It looks as if some corporate reorganization is going on over at Shroud of the Avatar studio Portalarium, as Richard Garriott's CEO title...
Online, offline, who cares?

Richard Garriott-signed copy of Shroud of the Avatar goes on sale

Have you ever wanted to get your hands on a piece of video game memorabilia that was signed by not only a designer but...
It's clear now.

Perfect Ten: Failed MMOs that could have succeeded with more love

Hindsight is 20/20. Unless you're blind in one eye from nostalgia, in which case hindsight is 0/20. In any case, you understand that it's...