lord of the rings online

Official Site: Lord of the Rings Online
Studio: Standing Stone Games, formerly Turbine/WB Interactive Entertainment; published by Daybreak Game Company
Launch Date: April 24, 2007
Genre: Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: Hybrid F2P (Optional Sub, Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Global Chat: Interior decorating in MMORPGs

With Elder Scrolls Online's new housing system coming early next month and LOTRO testing out some much-needed housing improvements, homemaking seems to be a...
Where you at, ArenaNet?

The Daily Grind: Which MMORPG has the best music system?

In Andrew's retrospective of Asheron's Call 2 last week, he mentioned that the game had a music system, something I'd long since forgotten, if...

LOTRO saddles a free horse for VIP members

To both reward current subscribers and encourage new ones to hop on board, Lord of the Rings Online is gifting VIP accounts with a...

Lord of the Rings Online lays out its 2017 roadmap

Get ready to assail the foundations of Mordor, Lord of the Rings Online players, because it's going to happen this year. Standing Stone Games published...

LOTRO preps the bleak Wastes for Update 20

In an interview with MMORPG.com, Standing Stone opened up some more about the pre-expansion update that's coming to Lord of the Rings Online in...

Choose My Adventure: Nice things about Lord of the Rings Online

The thing about the level of Lord of the Rings Online that I'm playing at is that they are not exactly replete with choices....

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I am of the opinion that there is something special and magical about getting to experience music in person, especially so when it is...

The Daily Grind: Is there MMO content you dread repeating on alts?

As a habitual and lifelong altoholic, I am quite used to walking a new generation of characters in the footsteps of their forefathers and foremothers....

Turbine clarifies Asheron’s Call sunset times

Turbine has clarified on the official forums the precise moment when Asheron's Call and its sister game, Asheron's Call 2, as well as the...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 101: Marvelous heroes

Justin and Bree discuss LOTRO, Marvel Heroes, Trove, Elder Scrolls Online, WoW, Wizards of the Coast, and Path of Exile, with mailbag questions on Standing Stone/Daybreak and MOP's allies.

One Shots: Healin’ skellies in Shards Online

When the NDA is away, the cats will play -- and take screenshots! Bless our dear community for documenting upcoming MMOs as they venture...

Massively OP Interview: Exploring LOTRO with the Tolkien Professor

If you are looking for a bridge between you and the sometimes dense (but quite popular) works of J.R.R. Tolkien, then you could do...

LOTRO starts testing player housing improvements

One of the most requested and most delayed requests by the Lord of the Rings Online community over the years is a revamp to...
I'll just leave, if I want.

The Daily Grind: What is your favorite MMO magic system?

While there are plenty of similarities among magic systems in MMOs (hey, how about you cast another fireball? There you go, champ!), there is...

Massively OP Interview: Standing Stone on LOTRO, DDO, and Daybreak

It's been quite a month since Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online announced that they were breaking off from Turbine as part...
There are indeed feelings I get when I look to the west.

Choose My Adventure: The most depressing road trip in Lord of the Rings Online

You know, if my first exposure to Elves had been in Lord of the Rings Online, I would probably think that they were the...
So there won't be any of this.

Wizards of the Coast forms new digital games studio led by Jeffrey Steefel

Magic the Gathering and Dungeons and Dragons might be getting an online upgrade in the near future. In a letter written this week to the...
My life is not fun.

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A little while back, I took a look at the healthiest games in the MMO space at this time. That was a nice, uplifting...

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LOTRO Legendarium: My LOTRO wishlist for 2017

Ever since I've been covering Lord of the Rings Online for this site (dating back to 2010!), I've had a tradition of kicking off...