One Shots: No more worlds to conquer


There’s that special joy that every screenshotter knows when you’re able to get that perfect angle, that photogenic pose, and then capture it for all time. I kind of feel that Rob was able to get that with this first picture from Star Trek Online.

What is his captain thinking? Is he bummed that the Federation has put a kibosh on his plans to warmonger his way across the galaxy? Does he want that planet to be named “Glory to Rob the Magnificent” and populate it with adoring subjects? Or is he merely contemplating the deep mysteries of what was in that replicator ration he ate for lunch?

No matter which it is, he’s looking profound and deep doing it!

Will we ever get a proper seafaring expansion for World of Warcraft? I’d be so down with exploring the seas on my own ship, far away from the misspellings and casual racism of the world chat channel. Maybe I’m alone in thinking that boats would be pretty cool in this game, but Brandon’s picture of a couple of Tauren canoeing made me think of it once more.

What do you do when a monster looks like it would benefit more from a hug than a beatdown? You still kill it, because nobody ever got epic-quality loot from a hug.

Rafael met up with this fluffy giant in Blade and Soul: “This raid boss looks so tame and lovable that I couldn’t help it. And to think that just a few minutes earlier this dude wiped a group of 24 in one shot.”

“There are lots of beautiful places in Aion,” Imayb1. “I find almost everywhere screenshot-worthy.”

Now why can’t my backyard look like this? I swear, MMOs are out to shame me of my lack of both interior and exterior decorating skills. In any case, a lovely shot with those deep summer night blues.

“Places I can’t help but take pictures of?” BalsBigBrother posted. “Well I have only managed to get one character to North Ithilien in Lord of the Rings Online so far, but I suspect that that it will soon become one of those places. The place is pretty stunning to wander through. I have taken a lot of screenshots but still have so much left undiscovered.”

^ This, 100%.

One of my weird screenshot quirks is that I frequently find myself taking pictures of food and table place settings in MMOs. Always wish I could try some of that food myself to see how it tastes (probably a bit pixely). This week’s screenshot challenge is all about showing off food in game, either your character eating or simply checking out the offerings on display!

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!
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