Global Chat: Fare thee well, Landmark


Believe it or not, there were actually people who played and enjoyed Landmark — and were saddened to see it taken offline. To kick off this week’s roundup of interesting MMO blog posts, we turn to those who knew and remembered Landmark with their words.

“The game, once just a bullet point on the EverQuest Next announcement at SOE Live, has been shut down,” The Ancient Gaming Noob said. “The web site and forums have been hidden away and the domain resolves to the Daybreak main page. The few remaining fans have had their final look at the lands of… erm… <does Google search>… Lumeria! That was the name of the place.”

Superior Realities took a tour on its last day: “That, really, is what was special about Landmark. You could go to any map, walk in any direction, and in no time flat you’d be sure to find something beautiful, fascinating, or awe-inspiring. The traditional wisdom is that if you give players the tools to make their own content, the vast majority of it will be utter crap, but Landmark was stunning refutation of that notion.”

Continue our roundup as bloggers dissect problems with The Secret World’s combat system, share tips on how to grind LOTRO points, mull over why it’s hard to go back to the “olden days,” deliver an early access review of Revelation Online, and pontificate on why theme park MMOs simply work.

Ravalation: LOTRO housing updates — a review

“As you may have guessed from reading this article, I’m really, really happy with these changes! It’s awesome that LOTRO’s designers have decided to give players absolute freedom, and the range of sliders is huge: as large as the house itself. This allows you to arrange decorations exactly as they want, making your house feel logical and truly a home when moving through it.”

MMO Gypsy: About life, MMOs, and the good old, bad times

“How many times over can you build a virtual life from scratch until it feels like a deja-vu and grind and the fatigue kicks in? How many social bonds can you possibly establish and maintain? I say no more than you could do in real life; there may be one big love for you during your life’s journey, or two or three.”

Healing the Masses: The problem with indie PvP MMOs

“The problem is that, for an indie MMO dev or company the PvP style of gameplay seems like a much easier and quicker thing to develop which is why we get a glut of such barely functioning gankboxes. They need the bare minimum of world building and progression elements and then you have a ‘playable’ early access MMO husk.” Revelation Online early access

“The visuals are not bad, but may not appeal to someone looking for the newest looking graphics. For me I thought they were charming and pretty, then again I think EQ2 and WoW are still beautiful games in their own aspects, as old as they are. I even still long for the beautiful lands in Vanguard SoH… (I’m actually listening to the VGSOH soundtrack as I write this). But anyway, it has charm, some beautiful areas, tons of little bits of details, from the clothing you wear to the whimsical characters in the game.”

MMO Bro: Why themepark MMOs work

“For me, the biggest appeal of themepark MMOs is that they give me a clear purpose. Some people like to be dropped in the middle of an open field and left to find their own fun, and I respect that, but it’s not for me […] The ideal themepark MMO is one that offers a variety of goals and a variety of methods to achieve them. Those that marry purpose with choice achieve the best of both worlds, giving players direction without babysitting them.”

Virtual World Chronicles: Easy LOTRO LP grinding guide

“If you follow my guide to the letter, you can gain 200+ Turbine points per day, depending on how many times you wish to repeat this process per day. I do it once every two days, 1/2 the deeds one day, and 1/2 the deeds the next day as to not get overwhelmed. The time it takes to complete this process, depends on your play style, class, and gear you choose.”

GRM Adrian: What is really wrong with The Secret World’s combat system?

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.

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Robert Mann

I like building stuff. I didn’t get into landmark, largely because I was playing other things and didn’t really trust the EQN hype. I’m thinking I made the right call there.


GRM Adrian’s vid on TSW combat is right on point. It is a combination of things that make the combat, let’s just say it, horrible in comparison to other games. It is the last piece of the puzzle. Get that resolved and you will see a surge in players.

To those that say that the game is not about combat. That resources should be spent elsewhere, etc. etc. You are missing the point. The game is solid, but it could be great. I have no doubts that the story aspects and uniqueness of the game will continue, but in order move forward and compete with other games combat has to be improved.

The success of Conan helps, for sure. Funcom is in the black now. And now is the time to improve TSW combat and grow that base as a profit center which is what I’m sure they are doing.


I appreciate the effort that went into it, but that Lotro grinding for LP guide just makes me sad.

Melissa McDonald

So, can this be crowdfunded back to life?


Voodoo economics!


Correct me if I’m wrong, but technically landmark wasn’t really ever anything but beta code, was it?
Are we so far down the rabbit hole of pre releases and alpha access that we’re nostalgically mourning something that never even WAS?
Imo it’s “landmark” will be that it was just one of the first AAA’s that did the whole “pay us to participate in our development chain” & then “fail to deliver anything but disappointment to everyone”.
It will not be the last.

Kevin Whitaker

I was one such fan of EQ that purchased the $99 EQ Landmark special to support EQNext. I even took the day off work when they unveiled EQNext. Except for the Tony the Tiger looking Kerran, I was pumped with what I saw. Hell, I’d love to see them reskin EQ2 with those graphics! I can’t say I miss Landmark but I feel robbed of the promise.


I miss Landmark. I wasn’t the best builder, but whatever it was I was creating left me feeling satisfied with the effort. Too bad there aren’t any other games that will replace it.


I seriously have to disagree with MMOBRO. For me Themeparks are all about babysitting players. That’s all they do. Corral players in one direction and then corral them in another one.

Don’t get me wrong. I like themeparks. That’s essentially all I play. But to me he sounds like friends of mine who tried to play Morrowind and and Oblivion back in the day. After 5 minutes they just turned at me and said there was nothing to do in those games.

I think he is mixing up “giving a player a purpose” and “hand holding”. I mean you can have a purpose in a sandbox very easily. The thing is it’s not the game that will tell you what that is. You have to make that decision for yourself.


So long and thanks for all the money


Landmark didn’t make any money. Not really.
That’s why it was all shut down.
It could hardly have been called a money grab


Well the way I see it all the founder packs they sold to people who were just looking to support EQNext, and had no desire to even touch landmark, was money grabbed. I still think the only reason they launched the game was out of obligation and so people could not say they bought founder packs and the game never made it out of beta. Hence any sale made post launch was a bonus and they never intended to keep it up more than a year. That’s just my opinion of the situation, and what it seemed like to me.