The Daily Grind: What’s the most excessive whaling you’ve ever seen in an MMO?

Every time I think whaling in the MMO industry can't get any worse, some game comes along and proves me wrong. That was the...

The Daily Grind: Are you inured to MMO whaling and exploitative monetization?

Back in July, MOP reader Neowolf made an insightful comment about excessive monetization exploitation and MMO whaling - that is, MMOs targeting big-spenders with...

Massively Overthinking: Does whaling ruin MMOs?

Last week, I was chatting with a MOP reader (hi Bryan!) in our comments about Lord of the Rings Online's business model - both...

World of Warships apologizes for issuing promo code that personally attacked a content creator

Even while under the public microscope for aggressive and possibly predatory monetization schemes and the near-collapse of its influencer program, Wargaming is making few...
This is fine.

The Daily Grind: Who the heck are you people who buy stuff for MMOs you can’t play yet?

I gotta know this. Who the heck are you people who buy stuff for MMOs you can't play yet? Star Citizen, Ashes of Creation, ships,...

The Daily Grind: Should being an MMO ‘whale’ absolve a player of toxicity or push him to the front of a queue?

Longtime MOP reader Agemyth recently brought to our attention a couple of bits of commentary that disturb at least my own fundamental sense of...

The Daily Grind: Which MMO is the absolute best if you’re a whale?

At the end of every year, I always do a Daily Grind on the most expensive MMO to play at that exact moment, with...
We never like these things.

German commission takes up lootbox issue as academics link whaling to gambling markets

Germany has added its voice to the anti-lockbox chorus in the US, UK, and Netherlands. According to an article on the German-language Welt (picked...
Awesome. Very impressive. Great job.

The Soapbox: The long tail of game development isn’t an excuse for gouging

Don't be too mad at Star Wars: Battlefront II. It's a symptom of a problem, not the cause. I mean, be mad at people...

City of Titans on endgame, alting, PvP, business models, lockboxes, and whales

The first and most-backed City of Heroes successor City of Titans has a couple of dev pieces out this month answering questions posed to...

Blade & Soul’s Beluga Lagoon update is an homage to a whale

It might not be the best idea to theme your MMORPG updates around "whales" in the current microtransaction climate, but that's exactly what NCsoft...
Star Citizen

Star Citizen thinks someone will still pay $750 for a concept ship

If you have $750 burning a hole in your pocket, here is a list of things you could do with it: You could give it...

Marvel Heroes’ newest board member admits he’s a F2P whale

There are two things you need to know about the newest member of Gazillion's board of directors. Mark Rubin is an avid MMORPG player...

Report: Whales make up majority of mobile F2P sales

Whether or not developers like the term "whales," the truth is that big spenders are still very big business for free-to-play games. Gamasutra points...