City of Titans on endgame, alting, PvP, business models, lockboxes, and whales


The first and most-backed City of Heroes successor City of Titans has a couple of dev pieces out this month answering questions posed to Missing Worlds Media this past spring. The Q&A itself is relatively brief, letting players know that powerset interactive effects (like team combos) are not on the table, minions will be customizable, the team is working on ways to thwart gold spammers and bots, PvP has a Rock Paper Scissors design goal, and the game is alt-centric but “won’t be ignoring endgame content.”

“Not only will there be content released for the entire level range throughout its lifetime, but we’ve designed several systems, both content centric and others, to enhance the experience of alting,” says the studio.

Last week, MWM told fans that City of Titans model will be a hybrid of a sub and free-to-play system, with an up-front cost that comes with complete access to the game and VIP status for a three months. It’ll also come with an optional subscription and a stipend of currency, dubbed Stars, for spending in the cash shop.

“[Subscribers] also get earlier access to new material in the store, typically two months before the free to play can gain access to them,” says the team. “To be absolutely clear: no game content or features will be locked behind a paywall or require a subscription to access. All who buy the game will have equal access to content, features and systems.”

All that said, MWM has denounced gambleboxes/lockboxes and “whale hunting.”

“We recognize the reality of game addiction, and want to ensure this is difficult for our players to develop. We call our solution, our alternative to lockboxes, Whale Watching. Instead of lockboxes, we will include bonus random chances within booster packs – bundles of related unlocks sold together for a discount. So, for example, you might buy the Ninja Pack (just a random name for now), and you would gain the ninjitsu animation set, multiple props associated with the Ninja, Ninja costume set unlock, and a random extra piece from somewhere else in the game. So instead of buying a slim chance at rare exclusive loot, you get a chance to get a special cash shop item free along with your booster purchase.”

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