Can't we have this dramatic showdown in space?

Star Trek Online previews its new console UI for ground combat

Ground combat is not the biggest feather in Star Trek Online's metaphorical cap, but there are many missions in which ground engagements are called...
Time after time after time etc.

Star Trek Online previews the missions of the 23rd century and its console UI

When Star Trek Online goes back in time to the era of the original series, players are going to have plenty of temporal antics...
It's the ride.

Funcom launches The Park on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

In the mood for a bit of horror in May? If you passed on The Park (the single-player narrative spin-off from The Secret World)...
when yo crew be on point an erryone be stylin

The Elder Scrolls Online opens up Orsinium on consoles

It's been a long two weeks for console players of The Elder Scrolls Online, what with the Orsinium DLC having already launched for PC...

Neverwinter Strongholds are now available on your Xbox One

Do you have an Xbone? Me too, but I don't play Neverwinter on it. Come to think of it, I don't play Neverwinter at all,...

Anime MMO Onigiri coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 ‘soon’

The anime-saturated Onigiri is about to make the leap from Japan to the west on consoles as a free-to-play MMO. What we have here is an...
I'm sure someone thinks this is neat.

SMITE launches on Xbox One on 8/19

The testing is finished and there's nothing left for SMITE to do but launch properly on Xbox One. So the game is indeed launching...
Well, this is... not a good thing for the game, no...

Login issues plague The Elder Scrolls Online’s console launch

Console players had a long wait time before they could get their hands on copies of The Elder Scrolls Online, but the game has...

APB: Reloaded PC server merges incoming

Starting next month, APB Reloaded will be merging its current PC population in the west onto two improved servers, one in Europe and one...
Big time.

Gigantic will be published on Windows 10 and Xbox One

In a news sure to relieve the gamers unsure whether a MOBA would come along specifically designed to work with Windows 10, Motiga has...
Elite Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous is coming to the Xbox One in 2015

Elite: Dangerous is coming to the Xbox One, according to a new teaser that was released at GDC this week. There's no firm date...