The Elder Scrolls Online opens up Orsinium on consoles

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It’s been a long two weeks for console players of The Elder Scrolls Online, what with the Orsinium DLC having already launched for PC players. But all that’s in the past now, and Orsinium is available today for players on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Now you can enjoy everything that comes with the DLC, including new dungeons, a new single-player challenge, new quests, and a free gold-plated rocketship for you in real life.

All right, there’s no rocketship.

The DLC is free to members with an ESO Plus membership, or it can be purchased separately for 3000 Crowns. Crowns can be purchased directly from the store interface for the respective console. If you’re enjoying the game and want more to do, well, here’s your perfect chance to do more. Enjoy it!

Update: This post originally referred to the wrong DLC being available today; it has been corrected.
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