EverQuest II’s underrealm opens as Terrors of Thalumbra launches


Terrors of Thalumbra joins the pantheon of EverQuest II expansions today; the fantasy game’s 12th expansion is now live and enticing the denizens of Norrath underground. ToT offers max-level characters a new underground zone for exploring and questing, new signature quest lines for both adventurers and crafters, new creatures, a large contested zone, and a host of new dungeons to dive into (six advanced solo, 13 heroic, three x4 raids, and one x2 raid). The expansion also has content for those below level 100, including level-agnostic dungeons (scaling from levels 20 to 94), a revamped deity system, new best-in-slot relics, and a whole new item infusion upgrade system.

If you want to get a peek at the lay of the land, check out the trailer and gallery below as well as our two beta tours. Then keep an eye out for our first impression’s piece later this week! And if you need a few more levels before you can take advantage of the new content, join The Stream Team on OPTV tonight at 8:00 p.m. for an XP extravaganza.

Source: Daybreak press release
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