APB: Reloaded PC server merges incoming


Starting next month, APB Reloaded will be merging its current PC population in the west onto two improved servers, one in Europe and one in the US. These servers will not only be faster but be able to boast a much higher capacity than what the current tech can handle. The EU server will go live on April 22nd, with the US one to follow on May 6th. The team is still debating the future location of the current single-shard Asian world.

Of course, as with any merge, there will be issues with character and guild name duplication. The devs outlined the rules for which character and guild will hold on to their name, with play time, seniority, and activity being the main deciding factors.

New console servers for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are also slated to go online during this period.

[Source: APB Reloaded. Thanks to Byron for the tip!]
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