Path of Exile lets loose with Patch 2.6 tonight

Just call it Patch of Exile.

This evening, the highly anticipated Patch 2.6 will go live in Path of Exile, and the relatively calm landscape of the MMOARPG will erupt into bedlam. The patch is activating all 40 of its previous league challenges, offering players choices to activate a combination of these to pursue limited availability gear that was only offered during those leagues. Patch 2.6 also contains the new solo self-found mode for an additional hardcore challenge, 25 additional Grandmasters, improved friends and guild lists, and lots and lots of balance changes.

To get ready, you can read up on the patch notes and possibly consider splurging on an extra character slot now that they’re on sale. Another fun activity? Watching the dev videos on the Legacy Challenge League below!

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5 Comments on "Path of Exile lets loose with Patch 2.6 tonight"

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Ok I got pulled in despite not wanting to be distracted from the other mmos I have been playing. Solo self-found legacy adds just enough to keep it interesting and on my toes.

There is something about PoE that is hard to resist for me and though I am never ever going to feature anywhere on any of the leagues I play in I still have a ton of fun.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

Solo Self-Found mode is definitely making the league more interesting. Every mob and breakable could drop a valuable goody.


Did they increase rates or something for that mode?

Bryan Correll

Nope. It’s not really a separate game mode, just a flag on the character. You can ‘unflag’ the character and switch to the regular leagues, but not the other way around. All of the SSF characters on an account have shared stash space, reputation, etc.


Between this,Overwatch’s Season 4, ESO and finishing up the HotS friend’s quest I’m having a tough time deciding what to play this weekend.

Leaning Path since the first day of a new league is usually the most fun.