H1Z1: King of the Kill tunes weapons and loot while introducing a new skirmish

Weapons in H1Z1: King of the Kill are pretty important. Without weapons, how will you ventilate other players (and enemies on the off chance you choose to do so)? So it’s probably for the best that they’ve received a tuning update with the latest patch, although you’ll note that most of the tuning in question means that bullets are more affected by recoil and fall off faster. That means you’ll have to get closer to your targets, and it also means you’ll want to take advantage of more loot-filled regions in hopes of getting onto the new leaderboards.

Of course, if you don’t feel like bothering with the difficult part of shooting people at shorter ranges, you could always take on the new Swagnum Opus skirmish. In that mode, you spawn with the powerful Swagnum gun and a single round for it. The good news is that one shot with the Swagnum kills whatever you hit; the bad news is, well, everyone else has one and you just have one bullet. Better get looting more ammo quickly if you want to take part and unlock the Air Guitar emote.

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You’re kidding me, right? Like, nobody signed off on this name internally and thought that it would sound good…right? We’re all friends here, we can be honest and admit that this was a joke name that accidentally got included in their announcement…………….right guys? Right?…

Also, still confused as to why the actual zombie half of the game, “Just Survive” dropped the zombie-themed “H1Z1” moniker but the non-zombie half of the game decided to keep it because…uh…brand recognition already strong, even if it makes no sense?


Got it in one. I still think the reason for the name change was just so they could kill it off without attaching a failure to the H1Z1 name. I’m betting it gets the ax sometime in Q1 of 2018.

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Eh, well they did announce a ton of changes that are coming to the game. So while it’s seemed to be abandoned, I guess they were doing a lot of work laying the foundation for what amounts to a bit of a “reset” for the game.

We’ll see, but unless they can drum up some major activity/sales I don’t see them throwing too much support behind it for long. DBG seems to be laser focused on King of the Kill and pretty much nothing else nowadays, at least from what I can see. Everything else in their lineup is largely an afterthought.


DBG seems to be laser focused on killing off all titles -something their owner Columbus Nova has a storied history of doing to previous buyouts.