Star Trek Online lets you work miracles with Season 14

The next major patch for Star Trek Online is here today, and as the game frequently does, it kicks off with a new featured episode. “Melting Pot” brings Captain Geordi LaForge and Captain Kuumaarke together with the player captain to investigate the new joint colony between the Lukari and the Kentari. Discover problems, try solutions, and see if this colony can work out in the long term. Fun for the family, assuming the family enjoys colony politics.

You can also pick up a new specialization, Miracle Worker, which focuses on feats of engineering to improve weaponry and heal damage; if your captain should be able to turn your ship into a perfect engine of battle, this is the specialization for you. And you’ve got new queues and red alerts to try the specialization out within, along with a new fleet holding to build up on the aforementioned joint colony. So what are you waiting for? Warp in and get engaged.

Season 14 – Emergence opens with the new featured episode “Melting Pot,” continuing the story of the intensifying war with the Tzenkethi. Captains journey to the Dranuur Colony in the Alpha Quadrant. This brand-new colony world was established by the Kentari and Lukari, who recently joined forces to protect their ancient homeworld from the Tzenkethi. Lukari Captain Kuumaarke (voiced by Kipleigh Brown) and Captain Geordi La Forge (played by LeVar Burton) lead players on a mission to explore the new colony and see the newfound collaborative spirit between the Kentari and Lukari. While the tour and the colony look to be progressing well, the Tzenkethi may have other plans for this world!

Season 14 – Emergence also features a brand-new Fleet Holding built on the Kentari and Lukari’s new joint homeworld, a Tzenkethi Red Alert, two new Fleet Holding defense queues, a Fleet Holding Defense Event, and a new Primary Specialization. A full list of gameplay features introduced with this update includes:
New Featured Episode – In the new episode “Melting Pot,” players beam down to the new Lukari-Kentari home planet to meet with Captain Kuumaarke and Captain Geordi La Forge. Things escalate quickly when Tzenkethi forces show up unexpectedly.
New Fleet Holding – Players can now build a full-scale Fleet Holding on the joint colony that the Lukari and Kentari call home. This is the first Holding since Starbases to feature five full tiers of progression with rewards and the largest Fleet Holding location ever for players to explore.
New Primary Specialization and Bridge Officer Class – Following in the footsteps of Geordi La Forge, the new Miracle Worker Primary Specialization allows captains to excel in engineering abilities, such as weapon enhancement and healing. They can also train their bridge officers to do the same.
Colony Defense Event – Fleets can summon holographic foes as they train to defend their colony world and earn rewards for themselves and to progress their new Fleet Holding.
Fleet Holding Defense Queues – The new colony world is home to two defense queues against Tzenkethi forces – one on ground and one in space.
Tzenkethi Red Alert – Captains can team up to destroy the Tzenkethi in this space-based, 5-player queue held in the Alpha Quadrant.

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Eh if only the game didn’t have a shitty engine and all the limitations. I enjoy it from time to time but it the graphics, melee combat and the very small levels keep me from diving in :(

Daniel Reasor

I’m noticing that the gameplay is much clunkier since the graphics on PC were upgraded to console levels. I suspect that my gaming rig is starting to show its age.


With the new Spec, presumably there will be ships to take advantage of it. Because only new T6 ships with Miracle Worker BO seats can take advantage of the space powers.

Daniel Reasor

Reportedly there are already T6 ships with Miracle Worker boff seating in the lockbox that’s being released with this patch. It’s a safe assumption that C-store ships will be coming too.

Your guess is as good as mine as to what shape those ships will take, as the variety of T6 ships available already covers a lot of ground. Maybe come carriers, since the KDF and Romulan Republic are still waiting on their answers to the Federation Jupiter class?


ROM and KDF carriers would be a welcome addition. As for new ships, I did find this screenshot. Reminds me of an orca.