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Black Desert’s western launch arrives with new trailer

Welcome to Black Desert’s official North American and European launch day!

The servers are down right now for maintenance before the big rush, but we’ve got the launch trailer and our launch-day roundup of all the big news surrounding the game from the last year right here. [Servers are up now!]

Don’t forget to read up on our beta hands-on (the combat part and the economy part), tell us which server you’re on, argue about the cash shop, and check out our brand-new Black Desert column, Desert Nomad, which just yesterday released its guide to the game. Happy launch day, everyone!

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No Man’s Sky pricing leak rumour sends fans into a tizzy

There’s been a huge degree of fascination with indie game No Man’s Sky since it stole the show at E3 2014. The game promises seamless exploration of a massive procedurally generated galaxy filled with unique planets, weird and wonderful plants and animals, and space-faring civilisations. Players will explore the universe, harvest resources, upgrade their space ships, and head toward the center of the galaxy where a mystery reportedly awaits discovery. The game is officially launching in June in PS4 and PC.

Fans have hotly debated what price point the game should be released at, and a mistake on the PlayStation blog has now thrown gasoline on that fireNo Man’s Sky appeared in the pre-order list for a short time with a price of $59.99 and the annotation “Out 3/3,” prompting speculation that pre-orders may open tomorrow and $59.99 may be the actual release price. This rumour has put many fans on edge, as they expected a game from a small independent studio to have indie pricing. Others are arguing that No Man’s Sky is a huge game that is worth a AAA price tag, while some are now asking for some more convincing before they’ll agree that it’s worth $60.


Desert Nomad: The Nomad’s guide to Black Desert

Hello friends, and welcome to a new installment of Choose My Adv– HA HA, PSYCH! This puppet’s strings have been cut, suckers! No longer will I take your orders, blindly charging headlong into whatever folly you command, allowed respite only once your twisted fancies have been sated and my will brok– Wait, what? I still have to do that, too? Ahem. Heh, just kidding, everyone! Forget everything you just read. Done? OK, great! Let’s try this again. Hello, friends, and welcome to the premiere issue of my shiny new column, Desert Nomad. Isn’t it fancy?

Each week (or every other week depending on the demands of Choose My Adventure, which it turns out I am both contractually obligated and bound by a blood oath to continue until the end of days), I’ll be delving into the world of Black Desert. I’m super excited to finally have the opportunity to take a break from jumping between games each month and actually commit myself to exploring the many facets of this shiny new sandbox. Since Black Desert will technically still be one day away from its official launch when this is published, I figured that it would be fitting to devote this inaugural column to laying down some tips for all the new players who will be flooding the servers when the folks at Daum swing wide the gates tomorrow. So come along, fellow Nomads, and let’s wander for a while. As always, I promise that I will do my best to make it informative, and if not that, then at least entertaining.

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Black Desert details headstart compensation plan with ‘shitstorm matrix’

Black Desert has elaborated on the compensation and support it will offer players in the wake of its headstart issues:

“We all know that every game launch is bound to have problems, but this does not negate the trouble and confusion that they cause for everyone. The success of Black Desert and the Community supporting it has been and will continue to be our primary focus because we know without you there would be no Black Desert Online. As such, we would like to extend a token of our appreciation and apology for any and all inconveniences you may have experienced. Below you will find our break down what you can expect.”

Guys. There’s a chart. They labeled it “Shitstorm Matrix.” You cannot make this stuff up.

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The Division releases US launch trailer

Fancy some eyecandy to go with your apocalypse? Ubisoft has posted the US launch trailer for online shooter The Division, and it’s got a bit of both.

The game officially launches a week from today. Still on the fence about buying? Check out Massively OP’s Matt Daniel’s hands-on with the game’s beta, or better yet, stay tuned for this afternoon’s podcast, where we spend a segment discussing the game!

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The Stream Team: Launching into Black Desert for real

The time has finally come: Black Desert has launched. At least the head start has. That means anything MassivelyOP’s MJ does from here on out counts! But what shall she do? There are still so many things you can do in game that it is dizzying. Tune in live at 6:00 p.m. as MJ jumps in and starts her journey.

What: Black Desert
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 6:00 p.m. EST on Monday, February 29th, 2016

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Daum compensates Black Desert players for headstart server mixup

A goof-up on the Black Desert headstart servers over the weekend saw some North American players unintentionally placed on the wrong servers, and Daum decided not to move them.

“[U]nfortunately the characters affected by this will remain on the server they are on currently. If you do not wish to continue playing on that server you will need to make a new character on your preferred server. After our analysis it has been determined that due to the limited number of player impacted versus those not impacted and the amount of time invested, this is the best course of action. To perform a full wipe, or to manually relocate the Serendia characters would simply take too long and would nullify the benefit from the head start period.”

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Shakes and Fidget comes to Steam

For years now Shakes and Fidget has been amusing and occupying players first as a browser title and then as a mobile app. Now halcyon days are here, for the title has made the jump to Steam as a free-to-play game.

If you’re unaware of this game, here’s the deal: Shakes and Fidget is a comic book-styled RPG that pokes fun at the genre while offering much of the same gameplay (albeit with menus and real-time waiting systems). It does offer some multiplayer features, such as chat, guilds, and PvP. It’s also quite popular, having seen over 50 million players pass through its door.

“Accept quests, complete exciting adventures, level up, collect gold, obtain honor, be ‘overpowered’ and become a living legend!” the description entices. Hey, are they trying to directly pander to our site’s readers?

Source: Steam


Leaderboard: Which Black Desert server will you be calling home?

Massively OP reader Xijit thought it would be a grand idea to try to coordinate our community’s Black Desert servers, and we agree! Let’s do it:

According to Reddit, Edan and Alustin are leaning toward PvP, while Orwen and Jordine are leaning PvE, which is no real indication of anything at all except that if you want a good fight, go to the first two, and if you want to be ganked by people who can’t make it on those, go to the second pair.

Just kidding, maybe. Who knows! Which server will you be calling home?

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Outcast Odyssey takes your CCG on a tour of a fantasy world

It’s digital card game day here at Massively Overpowered (what, no one prepared you?), and we’ve got another online title to highlight for your consideration: Outcast Odyssey.

Instead of focusing exclusively on multiplayer matches, Outcast Odyssey makes PvE exploration and combat its bread-and-butter. Players can join guilds, adventure through maps, and fight monsters (with decks of cards). If you are hankering for some PvP, don’t worry: There are duels as well.

Outcast Odyssey has been out for a while now on iOS and Android with more than 900 cards. It just recently updated to include exalted cards and ways to “evolve” them over the course of gameplay.


Star Crusade is a CCG with adjustable deck sizes

Everyone seems to want a slice of the lucrative Hearthstone digital card game pie these days. The latest challenger to Blizzard’s throne is ZiMAD’s Star Crusade, a fast-paced online card game with a sci-fi theme.

In this CCG, players can choose from one of six factions, collect over 400 cards, build decks, and battle it out in single-player, multiplayer, and raid matches. Cooperative multiplayer, social deck sharing, and events are in the works for the future as well.

One of the interesting twists of this game is that players can choose the size of the deck (from 25 to 40 cards), with smaller decks going first and larger decks offering more survivability. Star Crusade will also have something called modules that will offer power customization.

Star Crusade is currently in a free-to-play beta and plans to launch in spring 2016 on both Steam and iOS devices.

Source: Steam


Check out Crowfall’s latest world eyecandy

As Crowfall marches on in development, fans await anxiously on the sidelines for tasty tidbits of information to come their way. Yesterday, Artcraft lead environment artist Jon O’Neal tossed out some eyecandy in the form of brand-new, vibrant screenshots showing off a very early test world that devs have created using the studio’s recently highlighted world building pipeline. This test world is currently six cells by seven cells (with a cell now equaling 256m x 256m), and is home to a variety of landscapes, including a lake, a forest, a swamp, a keep, a town, and some plain old — but still impressive — grass. We’ve gathered up those treats for you, so go ahead and savor all of them in the gallery below.

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SamuTale lets you explore a sandbox world as a samurai

“Boundaries” and “limitations” are not words that the makers of SamuTale like to incorporate into their design philosophy. This upcoming sandbox MMO seems to pride itself on breaking down traditional walls, including featuring a classless character system and full-loot PvP.

SamuTale puts players in the role of a samurai who can explore a colorful and seemingly charming little world while putting his or her stamp on it. The game accommodates both the adventurer and the homesteader, offering combat, farming, crafting, and housing.

The game has been in development since 2013 and is currently accepting alpha sign-ups. You can watch SamuTale’s most recent development video after the jump!

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