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Story-driven survival game The Wild Eight reaches Kickstarter goal

For some, simply surviving is not enough. Enough players want a story amid the chaos of their survival sandbox games that plot-driven The Wild Eight has reached its Kickstarter goal with just under two weeks still to go. Though you can play alone, the co-op game starts with eight people who have survived a plane crash in the wilds of Alaska, and must now survive the elements and various creatures — some of which don’t quite seem to belong in this world. The further players get, the harder it will be to survive in this procedurally generated world. If you missed the reveal trailer before, we’ve got it right here for you.

Intrigued players can even get a taste of the game thanks to a free pre-alpha demo for Windows; console user will have to wait. Upon release, the game will be available on Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Anyone wishing to support the game can pledge until May 13th to help the game reach its stretch goals and reserve a copy.

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Anime-themed Tome of the Sun launches for mobile

Feeling in the mood for a colorful and streamlined MMORPG to play on your mobile device? Assuming that you have a tablet or smartphone (and if you don’t, then we are impressed with how you’re reading this from 1994), we’ve got a new suggestion for you: Tome of the Sun.

This title by NetEase is an action MMO with definite anime influences. It promises the standard assortment of activities, including dungeon crawling (the game promises over 150 instances), combat pets, crafting, and PvP modes. Players will need to be quick on their feet in combat to attack, move, and dodge to survive engagements.

Tome of the Sun is free-to-play and available for both Android and iOS devices. We’ve got the trailer for this new MMO after the break!

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Chaos Theory: The Secret World survival game

I’ve been thinking. (A dangerous pastime, I know!) And I think I have come up with a solution to a number of the things plaguing The Secret World. Now this isn’t a “what I want to see” list for my favorite conspiracy-laden horror game — I’ve shared those thoughts many times before — but an idea to build up the game and just keep its goodness coming for a good long while. Heck, this idea even addresses some of those long-desired features that players have clamored for.

So what are some of the issues? Well, everyone is concerned about Funcom’s financials. Add to that the fact that a number of folks are underwhelmed with the implementation of PvP; it also feels like the faction system has no meaning beyond clothing rewards and deck names. And then there’s the combat period, which plenty of players are unhappy with. Then there’s that painful downtime while fans wait for the next issue to dig into the awesome story. Feature-wise, we’re talking housing, pets, and even mounts.

What idea can possibly help fix all of these? A survival game! Now before your groan disturbs your coworkers or wakes the neighbors kids, hear me out.

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Aeria Games announces anime-styled Twin Saga for later this year

There is not exactly a dearth of games boasting an anime style in the MMORPG market at the moment. Even if that’s not enough to keep your attention when it comes to Twin Saga, though, you still might be interested in the game’s other features, like mobile personal housing and freely swappable classes for all characters. The game is due out later this year for North American and European players.

If you don’t like housing or class swapping – perhaps your grandmother died in a tragic class-changing accident – you still might be intrigued by the game’s lore background, with players serving as the last hope for humanity after a war of deities. One goddess wanted human beings around, the other didn’t, and the former goddess lost the fight, so now it’s up to you to prove to that human beings are worthwhile. Or you could jump down below and see if the screenshots or trailer intrigue you. Keep your eyes peeled for beta dates if any of the above apply.

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Tree of Savior names and shames banned bots and goldsellers

We have a deeply personal question for you: Are you a bot? Because if so, you might be banned from Tree of Savior right now. This is also true if you’re a gold seller or if you’re a human being using a bot for all of the helpful services a bot can provide. (Like, well, getting your account banned for botting.) Since banning over 3000 cheaters last week, IMC has been posting its list of bans — with names — every single day: 372 on April 21st, 113 on the 22nd, 217 on the 23rd, 206 on the 24th, 230 on the 25th, and 857 yesterday — just under 2000 since the weekend.

Players who have been wrongfully banned should contact the game’s support team for further investigation. Perhaps “qqddaad” was the closest you could get to naming yourself “Sad Dad,” or “nvb” is your longstanding nickname because you’re on the smaller side and it stands for “not very big.” And maybe “sdfgsdfgs” is… um… well, maybe you think it’s cool. If your “name” isn’t in the list, however, you can just enjoy logging into the game with fewer bots or goldsellers.

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The Daily Grind: Will Blizzard ever make WoW 2?

On the heels of Blizzard’s announcement that World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion will arrive at the end of August, I saw several comments on blogs and even in my own guild’s chat wondering whether World of Warcraft 2 will ever happen. Some people are convinced Blizzard is already working on a WoW 2 in secret — which admittedly would account for the incredibly slow pace of WoW’s own development. Other people are convinced that Blizzard has all but abandoned the MMORPG space after its cancellation of Titan and re-engagement with other genres.

I’d like to think that Blizzard has a surprise up its sleeve, but I know better than to bet against the odds. What do you think? Will Blizzard ever make WoW 2?

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The Stream Team: A first look at Fragmented

If you were following The Repopulation, you might be interested in checking out the survival sandbox spinoff that Above & Beyond has introduced. MassivelyOP’s MJ is curious, so she’s heading in to see what dangers this title has to offer. Tune in live at 9:00 p.m. as OPTV‘s infamous Stream Team brings you a first look into…

What: Fragmented
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 9:00 p.m. EDT on Monday, April 25th, 2016

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PAX East 2016: Hands-on with Perfect World’s Livelock

People who know me know that if there’s just one thing in this world that I’m passionate about, it’s probably robots. Robots are a big deal to me. I like robots. I also have no small amount of affection for shared co-op experiences and twin-stick shooters. In theory, Livelock should be, well, a lock. It’s not a hard sell for me to have customizable robots I can smash stuff with.

Whilst I was flitting about Boston for this year’s PAX East, I had a chance to actually play the game. And the end result was a game that I was not, in fact, quite as on-board with as I might have expected. But not because the game was bad — just because of lots of niggling little details here and there.

Livelock is a real departure from form for Perfect World Entertainment, a buy-to-play title that can at least theoretically be played completely offline and single-player. The demo on the floor, quite sensibly, was focused around players taking on a co-op level and smashing through lots of enemy robots together. The demo walked players through a number of miniboss fights, but it ended just before fighting the big boss, complete with some leaderboards for people who did well at the demo.

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The Elder Scrolls Legends TCG is finally making its closed beta move

Remember Elder Scrolls Legends, the online TCG that Bethsoft teased at last year’s E3? The one that was supposed to launch in 2015? The one whose indefinite delay we found out about in December only after Marketing VP Pete Hines dryly told PC Gamer, “I think it’s safe to say it’s not coming in the next 15 days”?

Welp, I hope you didn’t count it down and out. Bethsoft has updated the game’s website with a crapton of teasers and information. There’s an introductory blog post, a lore piece, a gameplay overview video, and an article on lane mechanics, all new today. The company has also announced the start of closed beta for “selected registrants” on PC.

Enjoy the videos below!

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EVE Fanfest 2016: Project Nova rises from DUST 514’s ashes

On May 14th 2013, CCP Games optimistically launched its first attempt to penetrate the console & shooter markets with DUST 514. The game had made huge waves in the media for its ambitious plan for realtime links to PC MMO EVE Online, with EVE and DUST players living in the same sandbox universe and fighting on separate fronts of the same ongoing wars of New Eden. The reality never quite lived up the the plan, unfortunately, with both games having minimal impact on each other and DUST 514 failing to attract the millions of console gamers CCP courted in pre-launch marketing.

While it attracted a small dedicated following and reportedly turned a profit, DUST 514 was essentially dead on its feet and CCP recently announced that it will be officially shut down in May this year. The game’s only hope of salvation came in the form of a complete reboot on PC codenamed Project Legion that was announced at Fanfest 2014, but at last year’s event we learned that Legion may have been relegated to development limbo. Today at EVE Fanfest 2016, players cheered as CCP announced that Legion is back with the new name Project Nova and a reinvented focus as a more traditional first person shooter.

Read on for information on Project Nova and some first-hand impressions from EVE Fanfest 2016.

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The Stream Team: Experiencing The Black Death

With a title like The Black Death, you just know the game is going to be about survival. The real question is, can MassivelyOP’s MJ actually do that? Can she hold on to her life? Since this new title just went into early access, MJ is poking in to put that question to the test. Join us live at 7:00 p.m. to see just how long she manages to stay alive. The death counter might eat well tonight!

What: The Black Death
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 7:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, April 20th, 2016

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The Black Death is now available through Steam early access

It’s April 19th, which means it’s early access launch day for The Black Death survival sandbox, the only kind of multiplayer game being made anymore. Green Man Loaded wants you to know that this game is dark, so it said so three times in the press release!

First introduced back in January, the game is set during one of the worst pandemics in history, which is a bit of a departure from zombie apocalypses and dinosaur pantropics. Players will strive to survive in the combat, crafting, farming, or trading roles of their choice, all while working to not become infected themselves — because permadeath is very much a factor in gameplay.

The game is currently live and buyable on Steam at its sale price of $17.99 US.

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