Gloria Victis Siege’s free prologue version is live on Steam


Back in March, Black Eye Games surprised Gloria Victis players and everyone else by announcing Gloria Victis: Siege, a survival and resource management game set in the world of Gloria Victis and co-developed by Fish Tank Studio. Players had a chance to check it out back in June, when its demo was free during the Steam Game Festival, but as of today, you can do more than that: You can play the Prologue, which essentially sets you and your mates up as defenders against the NPC horde in a full and free scenario.

“As a group of civilians in a besieged castle, you must stand until the rescue comes. You do not participate in the fight, yet its fate is in your hands. Support the last soldiers standing against overwhelming enemy forces. Craft the supplies and manage your resources during the day, and scavenge through the fallen city during the night. You’ll face hunger, wounds, diseases, and despair – but also the growing tensions between the civilians and the last defenders of the city. The soldiers won’t hold for long without your support and if the defense falls, the invaders will have no mercy. But remember, the rescue is already on the way.”

To be honest, it sounds like a bit of a mash-up between the original PvE Fortnite (before it went battle royale) and the Survive the Nights subgenre. If that’s your thing, then you have nothing to lose: It’s live on Steam now, and this version is free too, though presumably the full and final version won’t be.

Source: Press release, Steam
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