Lineage II rolls out Tales Untold content update for both core and Classic versions of the game


Blade & Soul isn’t the only NCsoft MMORPG getting love this week: NCsoft West and 4game are dropping a major patch on Lineage II players across the west today too, and the best part is that it includes content for both core L2 players and Classic fans.

The patch, dubbed Tales Untold, has offered up a massive list of patch notes. For core players, there’s a new hunting zone, level bump for field bosses, a purge of raids from some of the hunting zones, buffs and level-band rearrangements to some of the lesser-used field hunting zones, changes to augmentation, item and skill updates… in short, you should probably read the whole list of changes because the maps have definitely seen a reshuffle.

On the Classic (Essence) side of the game, players are seeing a quad of retooled classes (Spectral Dancers, Sword Muses, Titans, Khavataries), clan tweaks, PvP ranking, improved clan warring, new solo maps, and a new hunting zone.

Source: Patch notes

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