The Herb bakes a ‘classical’ MMO on a far-away planet


We’ve seen a lot of different MMOs come across our desk over the years, but so far there haven’t been any titles that revolved around herbs as a theme. Well, that’s about to change, as Germany-based Rigem Works is cooking up a “classical MMORPG” called The Herb.

It’s a lot more fun if you think of that title as a nickname for the handyman down the street. “Hey, go get The Herb and ask him if we can borrow his power sander!”

In any case, Rigem’s The Herb is still in the early stages of development and is set on a special planet that boasts unique herbs that “enhance abilities.” You may make a pot joke here if so inclined.

“The player plays a character who is a member of a secret organization whose quest is to save the inhabitants of the Planet,” the studio said. “The game offers a spellbinding storyline, a variety of PvE events, ranked PvP, a robust guilds system, Pets & Mount system as well as a deep social element. Through its quest based reward system, players uncover long forgotten secrets, learn magician’s recipes that give them the chance to form and develop their skills.”

Source: The Herb
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