Corepunk plans December closed beta, talks questing and character customization


We’ve had our eye on upcoming Unity-based MMORPG Corepunk since its original announcement by Dutch studio Artificial Core back in December, and in spite of its early development stage, the studio has been putting out regular updates along the way. This week, the devs have dropped a blog discussing what they’ve been up to – most notably, changing around the way questing works in the game.

“In our announcement trailer, you’ve probably noticed that quests had more of a classic look, like you may have seen in other MMOs, but we wanted to add more depth and make conversations more natural. We decided to change the interface and structure of the questing system. Now you’ll be able to learn the backstory of NPC or simply chat with her. But those talks may reveal some exciting plot twists or useful information. How do you want this conversation to be going? A casual talk, chit-chat or maybe you’d like to get a quest or need to find out something… Well, it’s up to you. After all, it is you who leads the conversation and defines its outcome.”

Artificial Core also touches on the most important skill in all MMOs – jumping, duh – plus the “coordinator” NPC, character customization, and the fatality system, which will also be customizable – for example, a toon “burned with the flame gun turned into a charred body and the heads of the monsters were cut off with a sweep of a sword.” Pleasant!

Don’t expect too much else as we barrel toward the tentatively planned December closed beta test; the team says that making gameplay trailers wrecks its pipeline, so it’s working to get the game “playable and polished” instead of working on promotional materials for now.

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