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World of Warcraft slashes Legion’s price ahead of 7.3 Shadows of Argus

Displaying a level of pomp and hype that is normally reserved for an MMO expansion or perhaps the impending visit from the Queen of England, World of Warcraft is going all-out with the release of this week’s Patch 7.3: Shadows of Argus.

Just take a look at this landing page for the patch and revel in the grand finale for the current expansion cycle. In addition to the flashy presentation, there’s a pretty good overview of what Shadows of Argus contains as well as videos and screenshots.

The patch begins its multi-stage rollout tomorrow, August 29th. If you’re feeling called to come back to the game because of it after, say, missing this entire expansion so far, the studio is prepared to make you a tempting offer. Legion’s price has been slashed down to $30 for the standard edition and $50 for the digital deluxe edition. And remember, both of those editions includes a level 100 character boost, which is normally $60 in the store.


Final Fantasy XIV synergizes with Dominos and Netflix, throws a huge Mog Station sale

Like a mighty team of warriors coming together for a final boss battle, Square Enix has partnered up with some interesting companions to spread the word of Final Fantasy XIV.

Dominos has a new deal in Australia in which you can order a “Pizza and Gaming Bundle” that includes three pizzas, garlic bread, a drink, and a download of FFXIV and its two expansions, all for $50. That should fuel your gaming caloric needs for the first few days, at least.

Over at Netflix, there’s a new series called “Dad of Light” in which a Japanese father and son end up bonding together over the MMORPG. Supposedly it’s based on a true story, and let us hope that story is more interesting than watching two people sit in front of a screen for a season. I mean, we have Twitch for that already.

If pizza and TV isn’t your thing, how about discounted deals on in-game goodies? To celebrate its 10 million players milestone, FFXIV is putting a large chunk of the Mog Station on sale over the next month. Everything except Tales of Adventure boosts and dyes will be 30% off through September 26th.

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PSA: You can get Elder Scrolls Online for under 10 bucks

You have always been the frugal sort. You never buy anything unless it goes on sale, and you never set foot in a store without an eye for deals and a pocket full of coupons. So while you have looked with interest at Elder Scrolls Online, you have balked at paying the full purchase price.

Well, how’s a little less than 10 bucks sound? Right now, you can pick up the base edition of Elder Scrolls Online for $9.89 through the Humble Store. Additionally, this summer’s Morrowind expansion is also on sale, with the upgrade priced at $29.99, the standalone edition at $40.19, and the digital collector’s edition at $53.59.

ESO is part of an overall Bethesda sale that is going on from now through August 29th.

Source: Humble Store. Thanks Dibs!


PSA: Get a free game if you pre-order Absolver at

Even though it’s not a full-bore MMORPG, Absolver has drawn our attention with its interesting concept, unique look, and mix-and-match fighting styles. Plus, masks. We are always suckers for people in cool masks.

With Absolver coming out next Tuesday on August 29th, there will undoubtedly be several ways to buy it., most well-known for re-releasing classic games, is making a play for your purchase by offering a free game if you pre-order Absolver right now. Even better, the whole deal is 10% off. It’s not a huge discount, to be sure, but even a small break on a brand-new game is welcome.

So for the next few days, if you pre-order Absolver for $27 through, you will also get a copy of 2016’s Furi and a couple of cosmetic items.

Source: Twitter


Earn a new mount in TERA by leveling a new character in Kritika Online

There are, presumably, more people enjoying TERA right now than enjoying Kritika Online. That’s sort of to be expected; the former is an established game, the latter is new. So it’s quite possible that you’re playing TERA and haven’t yet played Kritika… but what if the developers enticed you with a new mount you can earn just by leveling up in Kritika several times? Until August 31st you can earn one of two mounts in TERA just by hitting level 20 or 50 in Kritika during the promotional period.

It’s worth noting that players who have already hit level 20 or 50 will have to start a new character to earn these benefits; an existing character doesn’t count. But other than that, it may be the ideal promo for anyone looking to ride a love wolf in TERA, since all you have to do is play another game for a bit to get the mount for free, including a version that restores your health as you ride. So if you haven’t tried the game, consider this your motivation for getting in on it.


Gigantic challenges its community to deal 2.1 billion damage to Guardians in a week

When trying to cause players to behave a certain way, designers have a variety of tools available. You have to carefully balance game mechanics to ensure that players are gently steered toward the right way of play while also rewarding players who do the right thing. So how, for example, do you make sure that players in Gigantic know to damage the Guardians in a match?

Well, you can always just run a community event asking players to deal billions of cumulative damage for a couple of weeks. That works.

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Final Fantasy XI offers discounts and majorly redesigns Monk

Players of the most punch-drunk class in Final Fantasy XI will be learning to play a wildly different job with the game’s August version update. Boost, for example, now has a 60-second cooldown and automatically affects your next autoattack or weaponskill. Chakra restores more health and has a three-minute cooldown instead of five minutes. Dodge and Focus have both had their recasts decreased significantly and their bonuses improved. It’s going to be a pretty significant set of changes for players to deal with, even without new Superior 2 equipment and the incoming Ambuscade changes.

But perhaps none of this means anything to you, as you’ve never actually played the game. Good news, then; the game is offering people a discount to get into the full game through most of August. From August 9th through August 31st, you can pick up the full collection for just $10, allowing you to see everything on offer in Vana’diel at a third of the usual price. That’s a pretty nice discount. Server transfers are also discounted, so players can jump servers to play together if they so desire.


Enter to win a Neverwinter Ash Lion mount for PC from PWE and Massively OP

To celebrate the arrival of Tomb of Annihilation for Neverwinter on PC last week, PWE has kindly given Massively OP 50 Ash Lion mount keys to give away to our readers. The Ash Tribal Lion Mount grants +80 Movement Speed and offers three Insignia slots. And he’s a beauty!

The codes can be redeemed only once per account and expire at the end of 2017, and the mounts are bind-on-pickup. Critically, these codes are redeemable on PC only, so if you’re a console person, you can skip this one! The keys should work for all PC players except those located in China, Korea, Egypt, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Read on to enter to win!

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Elder Scrolls Online puts a high hall on the market

Sure, you could be content with your little one-room cell for the bare minimum of comfort and space, but if you’re going to be investing in Elder Scrolls Online’s housing market, why not move into something worthy of your status?

This month, the MMO is introducing one of its grandest player housing options yet: Hakkvild’s High Hall. It’s a roomy and spacious building with a great view at the top of the town. Not sold yet? It also has convenient access to the family crypts. Perfect for Halloween. The hall is coming to computers on August 14th and consoles on August 28th.

ESO has a few other new options in the crown store coming in August, such as a few new costume sets, a Daedric Set of Azura package of housing decor, a wolf mount, a mechanical spider mount, a handful of pets, and the neat-looking ebony epidermis skin.


Grab a Continent of the Ninth Seal goodie bag from Webzen and MOP!

Live in Webzen’s Continent of the Ninth Seal today is the Light and Darkness update, which bumps the level cap in the MMO to 75 as well as adds new dungeons and methods for yoinking loot.

“Introducing the mysterious Shadow World, Light and Darkness brings Shadow Dungeons, enormous rewards and other brand-new features that are sure to provide players with their biggest challenge yet. Players will find new items that can be used for crafting brand-new Legendary weapons in Shadow Dungeons, which can be entered from Raebin continent. The update also introduces Akene’s Oracle System, which will grant players special rewards for their heroic adventures.”

In celebration of the launch, Webzen has granted Massively OP 2000 keys for a goodie bundle, which includes and assortment of tokens and access: Extreme Training [100%][1 hr] x5, Town Travel +Lv.1 [7 days], PC Café Premium Item [7 days], Class Changer [15 days], Immortal Medics Gear Set [7 days], Soul Set: Prelude to the Storm [7 days], and Resurrection Count Reset Scroll x3.

Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to grab one of these keys!

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Enter to win a Black Death Steam key from Small Impact and MOP

Indie survival sandbox The Black Death has a big patch going live this afternoon, complete with three new and updated pillage areas, the improved combat system, more gore (hah!), the new maul weapon, custom server settings, and the titular relic system:

“These all new, one-of-a-kind items are the finest, most exotic equipment available in The Black Death. But when we say one-of-a-kind, we mean it – There will only be one of these relics available on each server. When you’re close to an item, it’ll show up on your compass – even if someone else is carrying it.”

Wanna check it all out in person? We have a giveaway for that! Small Impact has granted MOP 10 Steam keys for the game, which’ll allow 10 of our readers to pop in and try out the early access for free. Read on to enter to win, plus check out the patch’s screenshots and trailer!

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Grab a Gigantic Airship Supplies skin & booster key from PWE and MOP!

In celebration of Gigantic’s formal launch last week, PWE and Motiga have granted Massively OP a stack of keys for goodies, and you’re going to want one.

They codes will unlock the Airship Supplies bundle for your account, which includes Tyto the Swift’s The Valerian skin, Beckett’s Iron Tower skin, Margrave’s Seraphe Betrayer skin, Tripp’s Citadel of Amber skin, 10 Win Crown boosts, and 10 Win Prestige boosts.

Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to grab one of these keys!

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Guardians of Ember goes on sale, struggles to add horde mode

Early access title Guardians of Ember was hoping to have a great week, what with introducing a cool new feature and all, but it’s turned into a bit of a mess overall.

The team wanted to include a “horde mode” that would pit a group of players against neverending waves of bad guys until overwhelmed. And while the update went out on Monday, by Tuesday problems with the system required a rollback and a rework of the system.

The good news is that the horde mode should be active today, and players can enjoy a double XP event over the weekend as compensation. For those who have yet to pick up this hack-and-slash MMO, the base edition of Guardians of Ember is 50% off at $14.99 until August 1st.


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