Who is Destiny 2 gonna call for cosmetics? Ghostbusters!


When there’s something strange in your online shooter, who’s Destiny 2’s marketing department gonna call? Transmedia synergy!

Or, y’know, the Ghostbusters. Because there’s a movie coming out, and Sony owns both of these franchises, and the poor devs are now tasked with creating an in-universe explanation for why there’s a Slimer and ECTO-1 car zipping around.

For players who spring for these items, they include a Slimer Guardian Ghost, a weapon inspired by the new film’s villain, and an ECTO-1-styled ship. Any of these purchases will also unlock a free Slimer mask. Apart from that upcoming sale, Destiny 2 currently is still in the middle of its Guardian Games hoopla.

Source: Twitter, Bungie
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