Overwatch 2 provides another trailer for its Cowboy Bebop cross-promotion

Super awesome.

It’s not immediately clear that we needed a second trailer for the Overwatch 2 cross-promotion with Cowboy Bebop. It’s five skins, four of which already debuted in the first trailer. There’s no PvE or PvP game mode associated with it, there’s no story to it (not that Overwatch 2 has one of those anyway), and there’s very little to be gleaned aside from the fact that the Wrecking Ball as Ein skin is the one that every player gets for free. But if you wanted a better look at the skins in color instead of silhouette, here you go.

You might have missed that the main cast skins (Cassidy as Spike, Ashe as Faye, and Mauga as Jet) each has references to the characters’ ships. So Cassidy’s gun is based off the Swordfish, Ashe’s skin changes B.O.B. to look like the Red Tail, and so forth. But if you haven’t… well, here are the skins you saw recently but in full color instead of stylized. And there’s still Tank! in the background.

Source: Press Release
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