Warhammer 40k: You’re a soldier, not the chosen one


If you are bone tired of the MMO trope where you (and millions of other players) are the chosen hero fated to rescue the entire world, then Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade’s ego-busting approach might be right up your alley.

“Unlike traditional MMOs, we aren’t treating you like the fated hero of the land — you’re a soldier here to do a job. And if you become a hero or a leader of men, it’s because you really earned it,” Lead Game Designer Brent Ellison said in an interview. “You’re important because your team is important.”

Ellison said that Eternal Crusade is “working towards alpha” and spent most of the interview discussing battle and faction mechanics. This discussion comes a couple of weeks after previous Studio Head Miguel Caron left Behavior Interactive and was succeeded by Nathan Richardsson.

[Source: Official forums, MMO Games]
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