Skycastles take flight in TERA’s newest patch

[AL:TERA]Hope you’re not afraid of heights, for skycastles have arrived in TERA. The gravity-defying guild houses are just part of yesterday’s Patch 30.09.

Guilds won’t be given their own skycastles, however; they must earn one by competing in PvP and PvE activities against fellow guilds. If a guild lands among the top of its league for that month, it’ll earn one of only a handful of customizable skycastles. These houses have an associated time limit; after four weeks, the guild will have to move out unless it re-earns its place in the competition.

Other additions that went live with the patch include the new Sky Cruiser Endeavor instance, a hard mode of the Bathysmal Rise dungeon, and an update 5v5 arena. We’ve got the new video below!

[Source: Press release, patch notes]
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