Fan leads the charge to revitalize Graal Online


Graal Online is not a game that gets much press at all — nor ever did, sadly. And it’s perhaps because of this that the population for this 2-D MMO has dwindled. However, one dedicated fan has posted a heartfelt plea on reddit for others to check out the game, triggering a positive community reaction and prompting several guides to be made.

“As of late, since around 2010, there’s been a steady decline in players and the servers are slowly starting to die, which is a total travesty!” reddit user Sludgie writes. “This game has been underrated and shunned by many people who weren’t willing to give it a try when they didn’t realize that it was a pioneer in so many ways.”

Graal came out in 1998 and has been kicking around on various platforms (including mobile) and in various formats ever since. You can check out Sludge’s video tutorial for Graal after the break!

[Source: Reddit, Era tutorial, tips for new players, Graal Online. Thanks to Enikuo for the tip!]
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