Revival dev: ‘It is like literally being on a live TV show’


The creators of Star Citizen’s FPS module, Illfonic, are also hard at work on their horror MMO Revival. A new interview with Creative Director Kedhrin Gonzalez looks into the title’s stage-based rollout, its business model, its live storytelling scene, and its slavery system.

Yup, you read that right.

Currently, Revival is in its first stage, where the devs are selling and releasing offline housing with which to tinker. It isn’t scheduled to go online until stage three as the team develops the game “slowly and carefully.” Gonzalez said that, despite the common perception, selling the houses will not constitute the entire game’s revenue: “We are financing Revival on our own, additional money gained on the way helps us get there faster but we are not relying on it.”

Revival will come with both paid gold and free standard servers, with the former receiving around-the-clock live storytelling service from GMs. “Our live storytelling is insanely robust and happens 24/7 with multiple crews of GM teams that have artists, designers, testers, and the like working around the clock. It is like literally being on a live TV show,” he said.

Gonzalez also talked up some of Revival’s proposed features: “You can put bounties, send out caravans, buy the freshest slaves that just came into town, manage your employees or engage in player politics. Slaves will be limited to NPC characters; our slavery system is intense and has major impacts on karma and economic standards.”

[Source: MMO Games. Thanks to Dengar for the tip!]
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