RIFT gives away free anniversary loots


So, funny story. Remember the other day when RIFT embedded a handful of limited-use codes in its anniversary graphic? Well good news, Ascended: Three of those codes no longer have a limit and can be used by all to grab a few goodies. You can obtain them by entering the following codes on your account page:

  • Dwarven smithy goggles: J3PN-NXKR-GRKQ-WYHN-2RNK
  • “The Devotee” title: RMJR-3EKZ-JZKD-LXGE-YQZG
  • Hootie owl pet: T6NG-NP9N-HPPY-3CYJ-RM7E
[Source Official forums. Thanks to Ricky for the tip!]
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