The Secret World publishes enhanced player experience patch


If you’ve ever felt frustrated by The Secret World’s high level of combat difficulty, you might want to see what the team has done with today’s 1.11 patch.

It’s a massive quality-of-life update that focuses on what Funcom is calling the “enhanced player experience.” Basically, all pre-Tokyo mobs will be easier to kill (and won’t be as deadly), players will be able to fast-travel between anima wells, better gear is given from story missions, the tutorial has been improved, and many elite abilities have been upgraded. Additionally, players who have yet to buy Issue 9 can now go into Tokyo and experience a select few missions.

And just in case you overlooked it, there’s one patch note of grave importance: “Henry the Hot Dog vendor has setup shop in New York and is selling delicious hot dogs at affordable prices!”

[Source: Patch notes. Thanks to Nordavind and Deg for the tip!]
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