Skyforge’s closed beta test is now live


Choo-choo! The Skyforge closed beta train is pulling into the station, and eager testers are being welcomed aboard.

If you’re one of the lucky recipients of a beta key, either from a founder’s pack or from a drawing, then you can go ahead and download the client right now. The beta test begins at 10:00 a.m. EDT today on both North American and European servers.

This first closed beta test for the west will feature five classes, three world zones, eight solo adventures, two group adventures, and two PvP arenas. This first test will run through March 18th.

Update: The Skyforge team delayed the beta by a few hours while it investigated authentication issues. As I type this, the EU server is up and the NA server should be up soon. The team has put out a new dev diary covering raids; it’s embeded below.

[Source: Skyforge, YouTube. Thanks to Strana for the tip!]
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