Line of Defense reevaluates F2P plans after shaky free weekend test


Following a tumultuous free play weekend, Line of Defense creator Derek Smart said that the game may or may not go forward with a free-to-play option and will certainly not be doing any similar open weekend tests.

Smart wrote a post-mortem of the weekend in which he addressed complaints and “disingenuous” Steam reviews of the early access test. “What we have seen this weekend by letting everyone in, is precisely the reason that we priced the early access tiers so high back in [September] so that we only attracted the few people who want to help us test and improve on the game,” he wrote.

He said that play and engagement time metrics were encouraging while criticizing gamers who didn’t read the documentation, wanted hand-holding, and complained that their computers couldn’t handle Line of Defense’s requirements.

[Source: State of play, comments]
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